The current state of our house

I know I promised a house tour last week, but as usual, I'm still learning how to live up to my blogging promises. But a couple days off ain't too shabby in my book. I took the photos over the weekend, and decided I would leave everything as-is. Meaning, I didn't clean house for you. I figured if you weren't actually walking in the dirt, it didn't matter.

So please, put on your grace-goggles when viewing these pictures. A dirty house, plus an historic camera, plus an impatient photographer is not always the best combination.

So, with out further ado, I bring you Oakland Avenue! Dat, da, da!

The front door (obviously). I told Mike that the house finally felt like home when I put that little cutie up. He didn't understand, but that's the way it is with most things in the house.

Here's the view to your right when you enter the house. We just painted in here and I'm head over heels in love with the new "Seaside Sand" color, which replaced the "Blush Rose" - aka: gag- color.


Here, I'm sitting on the couch taking the photo the other way. Mike and I are obsessed with orange and when we saw that chair we knew we would rather die than live without it. 

Okay fine, that was just me.

But still. 

I know Mike really wanted it in his heart. 

See that door to the right, we're headed through there next. 

The kitchen! Here's where the magic happens folks. The cooking magic that is. 

True confessions though: There was so much magic going on in this room I decided to use an old photo from the sellers to show you. The kitchen was a war-zone this day and as much as I promised you to show you everything as-is, well, I figured you wouldn't be able to see my pretty countertops if I didn't use this photo. So sans the Eiffel tower and rug, this is what the kitchen looks like today. 

This is the wall where the previous photo was taken from - yes, we have about 10 gillion built-ins. Can you say, "Start buying china dishes Laura?"

We just exited the kitchen from the door you see on the top left. Yep, the first floor is a circle folks -- perfect for when we have children and I make them do laps in the winter to burn off energy. That was a major selling point for me when we looked at the house.

At this point, we've gone up stairs. Here's the view looking into the guest room. 

If you're staying at our house, don't run around naked in this room (you know who you are). Those window coverings are SHEER. 


And from the windows. 

Second door on the right. The Library. Yep, it's very extensive. 

Master bedroom. Yes, I don't have a side table -- I generously gave it to Mike. I pile up all those pillows that you don't actually sleep with (another thing Mike doesn't get) and they stack up to become the perfect height to set a book on. Innovative, no? 

And now for the basement. Here's the view from the bottom of the stairs. It's pretty plain right now and we seriously need to figure out the antenna, but it's pretty cozy during a movie night.

Looking back from the other direction; In case you were wondering, those stairs lead to the kitchen.

Basement restroom. It's TINY. Tiny. Tiny. Tiny. You can barely shut the door when you're in it. And you should see the sink and mirror. I think they must have been custom made for the bathroom, I've never seen smaller. I always feel like my hands don't fit in the sink and I can only wash my fingers.

And to the right we have a chalkboard wall -- yes, I leave messages for Mike to find. And our friends do too. 



A non-scary laundry room. That was one of my requirements for a house. It couldn't be spooky, dark or terribly cold. With this room, I'll do laundry any time of day, home alone or not. 

So that's it! Hope you enjoyed the tour! I've got big plans for this house and can't wait to share all my before and afters (come on, you know you love 'em). The house is fairly streamlined right now, and if you look closely at the photos, you'll see we have absolutely nothing on the walls, and really no "decor" items whatsoever. I'm workin' on it, promise. And, the best part is, I'll share it all with you.

Get excited!


  1. What a beautiful house! Love the way you've decorated, Laura (especially the orange chair Mike picked out). Hope the housewarming parties go well!

    Love, Brittany Craig