Photo shoot part II

It's up! Wing, from CanaryGrey Photography put up the full post of Mike and I's photo shoot on her blog, right here. If you didn't catch this post on OA, earlier this week, I found out I won a photo shoot on the blog Eat Drink Pretty from CanaryGrey Photography. 

I about passed out on the spot.

I had no idea what to do, so I just started shaking my hands around, flapping them like a little bird to release my excitement. Once I calmed down enough to type, I emailed Jenna from Eat Drink Pretty and the rest was One. Huge. Whirlwind. 

Early last week, I connected with Wing, owner of CanaryGrey, and within five minutes we were talking like old friends, swapping stories on everything from cute scarves to our recent weddings. As Wing asked me about my "vision" for the shoot, I knew I wanted a cozy winter shoot, but that meant we had to move fast - we may live in Minnesota, home of old man winter for six months out of the year, but we were nearing the end of our "six month window" and with busy schedules, last Sunday was the only time we had to do it.

Once that was decided, Wing started whipping out one amazing idea after another and as we talked, I saw Mike's eyes get bigger and bigger. 




"Take our orange chair into the SNOWY, DIRTY, WET WOODS! Yay!"

Yeah, even I'm surprised he held it together when I offered up our chair. 

But in the end, Mike and I talked it over and we knew it would be AWESOME if we did take that chair out.

Mike and I figured, heck, we have this sweet chair, why not have a little fun with it and take it outside?  I've seen furniture in outdoor shoots before, but usually it's spring time, and the furniture is older or "wipe-able." But this, this was unprecedented in my book. At least for us photo "commoners." So, we came up with a plan to completely wrap the chair legs in plastic so they didn't get wet, and I made sure to bring plenty of rags and blankets to clear the area and keep the chair clean and dry. I saw the vision, he saw the vision and heck, Wing had created the vision - so we were all set. 

The day of the shoot we went to a local cafe/coffee shop called Jack's first and it was perfect, the barista even made a heart out of cinnamon in Mike's Chai - nice touch, barista. Next we took a few photos outside Jack's and then it was time to shoot with the chair. Luckily it all fit in our SUV, so we loaded up, found the perfect spot and Wing went to town with her camera. We both had an absolute blast on the shoot - Mike more because he got to play with fire and me because well, let's just be honest, I love the camera. 

If you're in the market for an amazing photographer, check out CanaryGrey asap - I HIGHLY recommend her!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from CanaryGrey's blog post, if you'd like to see all of them, you'll find them here. 

CanaryGrey Photography

CanaryGrey Photography

CanaryGrey Photography

CanaryGrey Photography

CanaryGrey Photography


  1. This only brings home what I already knew from your wedding pictures...the camera loves you two!!! You guys look like models!! Gorgeous photography, too. How fun that you won this! I like the one where the brick wall is in the background and you're up against Mike with the one pink glove and you're looking down. So sweet.

  2. You two are SO cute! I love that first shot. Have a fabulous weekend!
    Much love,