Something smells

Mike: "Do you smell something?"

Me: "It's probably just the glue from the craft project I was working on."

Mike: "No, it smells like something's burning."

Me: "Nope, I don't smell that - I haven't turned the oven on all day."

Mike: "It really smells! It's really strong! What the heck is it?"

Me: "I donno, I don't smell it at all!"

Me: "You're eyelashes look funny, you've got a bunch of dust or something on them."

Mike: "Ohh! I know! I must have burned my eyelashes when I was working on the stove. As I was installing it I leaned over the top and accidentally turned on a burner and - I didn't realize it - that's what smells."

Me: "Bah! You're right! You only have half of your eyelashes on your right eye!!"

Mike's always been known for his long eyelashes - longer than mine even with seven billion coats of mascara (I've always hoped all our kiddos inherit his) and sure enough, Mike had singed his lashes as he was installing the stove over the weekend and when I stuck my nose right up to them, they smelled like burnt hair.

Problem solved.

And bonus, our stove's in! Small price to pay, wouldn't you say? (As long as they grow back.)


  1. Oh so sad about his eyelashes! But nice to have a working stove! What a good husband!
    Much love,