DIY: Moooi Random Light Tutorial

***Update 3/5/12*** Check out how the Mooi Light fared here.

This post officially documents my first successful DIY project. People said it couldn't be done - or rather, I couldn't get it done - but booyah! I did it and it was a success! 

Don't worry, you can gasp out loud.  

I was totally shocked too. 

Check it out: 

For quite sometime now I've been looking for a lamp to put on the left side of our living room. We don't have a lot of floor space and I tried placing a floor lamp there, but it just looked too crowded. So instead, I started wondering if I could just hang a pendant lamp, saving space, but giving us the light we desperately needed. As I was searching for a pendant lamp online, I stumbled on this $2,400 gem:

Yikes strikes. Not gonna happen in my lifetime - on this side or the other.

Since I believe blog-land holds a tutorial for everything, I started searching the blogs and found this tutorial on House and Home. It's actually a video, and you have to watch through the first segment and the first commercial to actually get to the tutorial. And it's totally worth it, here's how it turned out:

Remember this photo from an old post? Well, that was my first try at making the light, and let's all be honest, it looked totally wimpy and was way too small for the space. So I decided to make a bigger one. 

I may have over compensated a bit. 

But no matter, I'm rolling with it.

Want to make one too? Turns out, all you need is a bouncy ball or exercise ball (depending on the size you want), yarn, Stiffy Glue, and a cord set (I snagged mine at Ikea). Coming out to a total of 30 bucks for me to make the large one. That's a heck of a lot better than $2,400, if I do say so myself.

 Here's a picture of the small one in the drying process process:

And the big one:

I used an exercise ball for the second, larger light and it was too heavy to hang, so I let it chill out in my basement on a small plastic bowl (But I brought it up to the kitchen for the photo). I let it dry for a day, then I rotated it for two more days so the entire ball would have time to dry.

I'm not going to post a tutorial here, I'd probably confuse you and you'd just end up with a bunch of glue and string in a huge messy knot from my instructions. Instead, check out the video tutorial and try it out yourself. 

And a few shots of it all finished up - to be very honest, the photos don't nearly do it justice. It is super cool in person and you'd never guess it was made out of yarn. It's very hard and sounds "hallow" when you knock on it. 

And don't feel bad for the little light, Mike and I found it a cute lil' home in the guest bedroom.


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