The expense of giddiness

Sorry it's been so quite on here.

Mike and I have been consumed with ripping out the eight foot tall Minnesota prairie in our front yard and replacing it with sod. Did you know sod should preferably sit around for only a day before it gets installed?

That becomes a problem when you and your husband go to Home Depot to pick up a tiller and your husband gets giddy when he sees sod, and you get giddy when you see a big truck that you can rent to carry the sod, and you know you get to drive it because your husband has forgotten his driver's license at home (he's not giddy about that) and all that giddiness makes you purchase the sod before you really need it (but bonus, you get to drive the big truck sooner) and then you have 59,000 lbs. of sod (Totally just made that number up - but it seems fairly accurate.) sitting in your muddy front yard (because it's raining (and haling) (Can I do to parentheses in a parentheses? I don't think so. But BAM. I just did.)) and you don't really know what to do with it because your yard looks like a prairie dog farm from all the weeds prairie grasses you just ripped out and you need to level it before you lay all 59,000 lbs. of sod (again, an approximate, but very accurate number), but it's not like you can just lift that stuff with your pinky, so you end up working like dogs for three days, moving sod and dirt back and fourth, back and fourth, until you have a nice flat surface to lay your sod on.

Which basically means no time for blogging.

But now we're done and we're watering the heck out of that sod, because if it dies, I think we'll just put the house up for sale instead of trying to fix it.

That seems a lot easier.


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