DIY: Mooi Random Light Update

The DIY Mooi Random light is actually the number one most popular post on this blog. Daily I get hits from all over the globe for this post - although it’s a bit hard on my ego, something tells me that their not visiting for my writing, they are here for the tutorial. (The post’s 86 percent exit rate to the linked video clued me in too.)

So despite my pride being crushed as people zip in and zip even quicker out, I thought I’d provide an update on how my DIY Mooi Random light fared after it was created.

Not well.

Sorry to crush anyone spirits that’s looking forward to doing it - I just thought I’d come right out and say it.

Here are the deets. It did well for the first few months, but at about the three month mark, I noticed a small dent next to the part where it hangs by the bulb. I tried to push it out, and when that only broke a few strings (awesome), I pulled out the bulb and inserted it in another place. I also noticed the strings were much softer; it was not nearly as hard as it had been when I originally made it. A few months later, the same thing happened in the new area that the blub was resting on. I kept my eye on it for another month or so, hoping it would just have a small dent, then settle out.

It “settled out” all right.

It basically melted. 

One weekend, Mike and I went on vacation and we turned our thermostat up pretty high. It was the middle of summer so our house sat around 80 degrees while we were gone and we literally came back to a deflated, dented, shriveled ball. See for yourself: 

Sorry, I pulled it off the ceiling before I got any pictures, so here it sits in our kitchen.

As a reminder, here’s the original:

So that’s the sad ending to my very first DIY project. I’m still pretty proud of it and it was cool while it lasted. The hubs and I hashed and re-hashed what went wrong, and the only real thing we thought of was to drop the actual bulb down lower into the ball and wire the cord to the ball. It’s hard to explain without showing pictures, but well, I’m not recreating that thing just to take a few. Sorry, love you guys, but not that much.

I suppose we could have left the AC on as well and the dents may not have traveled further than just the small ones from the bulbs.

Anyway, if any of you have tried it and had better luck, please let me know! I’d love to hear how yours have fared!

Oh, and one other note: I also noticed my white string was turning a little bit yellow around the light as well (assuming it was from the heat?) We’re guessing if you dropped the bulb like we mentioned above, you’d probably be able to avoid that as well. 


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the update. I find updates on how the DIY projects fare long term really helpful.
    And your writing is great too ;)