Feature on Smart Mom Style!

We've finished! I'm back up for air after finishing Seasons 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey. I can barely remember the past two weeks - all I know is I had a dream that Mike was a footman at Downton and I was the cook - I didn't know how to prepare all that fancy food for one of their dinners and  Lord Granthum fired me. (Seemed very out of character for him - I thought he'd have given me a second chance.)

But all that time away from the blog and I didn't even notice the card catalog was featured on Smart Mom Style a few days ago as an organizing solution - check it out. Thanks Smart Mom Style!


  1. We only have the Christmas episode left. They put so much into each episode it makes me crazy...Although I want to keep watching episode after episode I almost need time to process what just happened.
    -one of those Downton lovers. :)