Thinking About Baby

Being pregnant certainly puts you on the fast track to thinking about all things baby. In the past I'd zone out when I heard a mom talking about their kid's diaper rash, or the benefits of fish oil, or which nipple cream they prefer. (Yes, I have heard a conversation about this - I believe Nipple Butter was the consensus.)

I'd usually just watch the mom's juggling their babies and chatting about what works and what doesn't for sleep schedules, feedings and products. I'd be amused at how small their life quickly became, and how grateful that my life was so grand, exciting and fun.
Exhibit A of my thought process: I'm going to the mall on Saturday and I think I just might treat myself to a Parmesan pretzel! What a divine treat!
Exhibit B: I'm going to try out a new recipe tomorrow that includes a new ingredient: Farrow. How thrilling for our taste buds!
Exhibit C: I might finally pull the trigger and purchase new sheets for our bed. Oh, how I love the feeling of fresh, clean, new sheets - won't Mike just be giddy with delight when I tell him!

Clearly I had much larger things on my plate than raising a child.

And now that I am (unexpectedly) pregnant, all I can think about is nipple cream.

I actually haven't thought about that once yet - although maybe I should take a poll in the comments below - those moms I heard from seemed kinda sketchy.

It's weird isn't it - how the phase of life that you're in affects what you think about, put effort into and care about? But, I'm pretty grateful it works like that, otherwise I'd be more interested in the latest Hunger Games movie rather than making the right choices for my baby's well-being. 

(I was DYING to make a joke here about nipple cream, but I can hear Mike now - too far, too far.)

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