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I could surf the web all day. I love, love, love following that rabbit down the trail and seeing where every sinkin' link takes me. I always end up wanting to share my finds with someone, but apparently pointing at the computer and telling Mike to "Look!" every few minutes gets a little annoying. Recently I've had to get a bit more dramatic with my efforts to get him to look at the screen, such as saying, "Look, AP is on this blog today!" (that'd be a Viking's player) and then having to say, "Oh never mind, that's just a blogger's husband - my bad. But while I have you, look at this!" 

Anyway, I figure you all would appreciate some of these links, for some reason you keep coming back to hear my ramblings so I figure you just might be like me and love learning new things on the interwebs. Sooo...Linky Links was born. Lame name, but not lame links. If you've got a better name, shoot it my way - I thought about this one for approximately .4938472 of a second. 

Alrighty, enough intro and pageantry, here goes nothing:

Ummm, loving this calendar for 2013, but not sure where I'd put it. This is another one I'm loving, mostly because I'd end up cutting it up in 2014 for some botanical artwork. Okay, just one more - the cut out on this is sweeeeeeet. Whoa, there are only about 736 more that I'd like to link to. Stopping looking now.

A good article to read after the recent election.

It's no secret, Pinterest now has secret boards - hallelujah  I can now hide everything from all of your prying eyes. Muwahahahaha!

Currently lusting after this pillow, but Mike seems to think I have an unhealthy obsession with throw pillows (he's entirely accurate) and that one blows past my $10 limit that resulted after I purchased pillow cover number 12 (different ones for different seasons?). I have now resorted to making them myself so I don't suffer withdraw. Anyone know of some cheap fabric so I can knock it off?

And finally, I shall leave you with four great ways to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers: 
  1. Turkey Cranchiladas
  2. Turkey Quesadillas with Chipotle Cranberry Sauce
  3. Turkey Wild Rice Curry Salad
  4. Sweet and Spicy Turkey Curry Soup (Mike's favorite - gotta please the man of the house.)


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