Pregnancy Brain - It's a Real Thing

This prego thing has turned me into a different person. Seriously. I keep wondering where all the weight gain is coming from since I'm pretty sure I've lost the equivalent in brain cells.

I’ve reported my wallet stolen twice since getting pregnant, both times it was just “misplaced.”  Once I left my wallet in my work's fridge and quickly proceeded to report it stolen to my work's front desk and the building owner's receptionist. I promptly found it five minutes later when I went to see what I could rustle up for a mid-morning snack. Apparently I'd already tried to find a lil’ nack-nack one other time that same morning. But of course I'd forgotten all the events entirely.

I'm actually quite shocked that I even remember that story today.

I've forgotten my dress for a wedding, my work lunch (multiple times), my purse, where I parked my car, what lane I'm supposed to be driving in, friend's birthdays, that I'm even pregnant (sushi never looked so good), who I'm married to. You know, only little piddly stuff. I don't know why I'm so upset about it.

I seriously want to rip my brain out (what's left of it) and purchase a new one. Anyone know of a place that would do that for me?

I feel unusually calm as I'm writing this post. I think normally I'd use about a million !!!!!! but I'm in a bit of a food-coma after all that Chinese I had for dinner (Mongolian Beef, thankyouforasking). All I got to say is: pregnancy brain IS A REAL THING. Don't anybody try to tell me it's not or I'll throw down my ultra-hormone-induced-super-prego-strength wrath on you.

Mikey-mike can attest to how you'd probably want to avoid that like the plague.

I know this post will spark a series of "It's worth it!" and, "Your brain will return from it's fun in the sun." or even, "Get used to it, mommy-brain is even worse!" I've heard it all and I promise you that I know it's absolutely worth it, but I'm just feeling a lil' silly (aka STUPID) today. I'm pretty Type-A by nature, and while I've never prided myself on having a great memory, it's always kept our lives relatively on track and it's definitely better than the hub's.

Now Mike and I's life has gone to pot since neither of us remember anything.

So, sorry if I missed your birthday, or another major life event of yours, sorry if I said or did something stupid that I should have known, or called you by the wrong name when I've known you for years. I swear I'll be back to normal eventually - and please know that I feel absolutely awful when I do screw something up. 
Until then, I'll be trying as hard as I can to preserve what precious-few remaining brain cells I have left. Other moms out there plllllllllllleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeee let me know if you have any memory tricks or if you just find yourself constantly apologizing to everyone and their dog like me. Bah.



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