Worth Sharing

The nursery is very quickly becoming fox-themed. It wasn't intentional, but I blame these dresser knobs from Anthro for starting my obsession. We're jazzing up an old ikea dresser for the babe, and those knobs going to be the star of the show (even though I can only afford two of them - dang budgets).

I hate spiders in my house but I do admit they're pretty cool (when they are OUTSIDE). This video shows just how amazing they really are, I just wish it had the first part of the web-building process.  

If you're an Instagram user, I'm sure you heard about their sketchy new terms of service released recently. Just like Pinterest, they back-tracked pretty fast, telling everyone to just calm down - they'll change the language. 

An inspiring post to remember God's goodness, no matter the circumstances.

With the end of the world apparently on Friday, are you still keeping your Saturday plans? I sure am. NASA wants everyone to just relax and get excited for a winter solstice - here's why they guarantee the world won't be ending. 

My husband asked me to buy him this for his birthday and make sure I get one for myself as well. He says we can go to the neighborhood park and play basketball as twinsies. Over. my. dead. body. 


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