Mike's Musings III

When we went for a walk on Christmas day and I told him that my feet and hands were still warm about a mile into it, "It's a Christmas miracle everyone!"

After editing a blog post (he vets everything to make sure I don't get too carried away), "I'm going to hijack your blog and tell everyone who you really are."

When I told him he needed to get a life outside of his new-found love for video games, "They are not 'video' games, they are 'phone' games. Completely different. I can't listen to you when you call them 'video' games."

After I told him I thought he was intentionally trying to make me look big by kneeling down and pointing the camera up at me for a weekly every-once-in-a-while maternity photo, "I don't understand how to not make you look big. I'm just taking the photos like a normal person. That's what you look like."

In reference to my post on shopping for maternity clothes, "Sometimes, I think you're just a little too real with your writing. Maybe some people don't want to hear this stuff."

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