Nursery Mood Boards

Before I even knew the gender of the baby, I was surfing the web and Pinning nurseries and items that I liked all. the. time. At first, to be practical, I thought I'd go gender-neutral, just so I never had to switch it up, but fairly quickly I decided that it would be oh so boring to be required to leave one room the same for more than a year, so I gave myself permission to go gender-specific, as long as the larger items could be used for either gender. Very quickly I pulled together a few mood board options to get some inspiration.

Each day, I'd wait for Mike to come home to share version XLVIII or whatever number I was on. Our time together went a little like this: 

Mike: Sitting on the couch. Eyes squint. Brows furrough. Head cocks to the right. Remains silent for a good three minutes. Head cocks to the left. Long blink, then opens to big eyes, just staring at the screen. Staring. Staring. Staring. Deep breath.

Laura: Squirming. Standing up. Sitting down. Doing everything she can to not just tell him the difference. Slaps her own hand down when it involuntarily tries to point out the change. Begins to speak - "It's.." then quickly stops. Stares at Mike - willing him to see, to understand the magnitude of the change.

Mike: Finally: "I love your new selection in the glider. The tan really brings out the pink."

Laura: "NO. No. I've had that glider on the last 47 iterations of this mood board. I changed the knobs on the dresser - there, can't you tell? These are much more sparkly, plus they're cheaper than the old ones and I just love their feminine, elegant style!"

Mike: "Oh, yes, I see them now - very beautiful! Spectacular. Wonderful decision. Changes the entire feel of the room. I'm so proud of you. The baby will love them."

Laura: "Are you sure? Maybe they're too sparkly. I think I'll keep looking."

Mike: Silence. 

Annnnnnnnyway. As you've all heard by now, I have a tough time making design decisions of any kind. I like to keep it exciting and interesting for the mister like that. Since we've now found out that we're having a boy, I've completely scrapped the girl mood board - but, to not let it go to waste, I'll share it here so you can all see where I was headed. Maybe I'll be able to pull it out for baby number two...


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