Baby-Crafting Weekend Ahead

I'm thisclose to declaring the nursery done - this weekend has been deemed "baby-crafting" weekend and in between other commitments I'm looking forward to getting my DIY on during March Madness. I'll hopefully have some full pics of the babe's room for you all soon - if you've been following me on Instagram, you'll already have gotten quite a few sneakety-peeks.

Oh look, here's one:

Mikey-Mike would like me to say to you all that it's done, done, but instead I will say it's NOT done. Deep down I know Mike knows I'm right and baby definitely needs clothing dividers before he arrives or he WILL NOT SURVIVE.

So here's hoping baby comes this Monday - just enough time for me to finally declare the nursery done, done,  but without any other time for me to have to practice learning patience because - well - no other reason than learning patience totally sucks and I don't like the feeling.

Do I need another?

Please keep in mind when answering that I am 37 weeks pregnant.

Let's get this show on the road peeps.


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