Worth Sharing

Mike's worst nightmare is over: Twinkies are back. He's been begging me to try to make them at home - so glad I got out of that one.

Going for the small wins - Arkansas recently adopted the country's strictest abortion ban. (See my thoughts on abortion here.)

Intrigued by the concept of Baby Led Weaning. The day I clicked on this article was another one of the many moments I've been having that say, "You know you're a parent when..." 

Heard of Google Glass yet? Not sure I could take myself seriously while wearing the glasses, and I can't even get over how futuristic they are. I feel like only James Bond should be allowed to wear them. Here's an article that explains the ins and outs. 

Kind of obsessed with all the new grains that are "trendy" right now. This recipe looks like an awesome blend of them and I can't wait to try it out. 

Have you heard of monogamish relationships? This article is articulate and well sourced to give you the flyover. Fair warning - it's quite a controversial and surprising subject - but something everyone should consider in the same-sex marriage debate. 

I've written about my pillow cover addiction before - I try to spend no more than $10....usually. If you're on the hunt, here's a good list for pillows under $50, but most of the places listed are where I shop to find my $10 pillow covers on clearance. 


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