Baby Boy Nursery Mood Board

My first post as an official momma! This past week has been a whirlwind to say the least and I promise I'll share how everything went soon. For now, I want to keep it lighthearted and less introspective, so I thought I'd share the nursery with you all this week - good thing Mike and I barely finished it last week while we were waiting for lil' Wif - aka Eli!

Alrighty, down to biz. The nursery. It took a long time to get there, but we finally made it and I can't wait to show you all the photos. I'll be posting the reveal tomorrow, but first I wanted to share with you the mood board that we started out with. 

When I look at this mood board at a glance, I feel like it looks nothing like our final product - but when I look at the individual elements, it's actually quite similar to where we ended up since most of the items are actually there, it just looks totally different in person. You'll understand more tomorrow, promise.

As with the baby girl nursery mood board, as I put this together, I had in mind to DIY most of the room. It's been such a fun process to see it all come together, and I truly am thankful I took time to plan it this way so I knew where I was headed and even when I became distracted by a pretty rug or artwork, I could always look back and remember "the vision." 

I wanted the room to be fun and colorful, and just as with the girl mood board, be a room that could easily be repurposed down the road for the opposite gender. That's why you'll see the same large items (crib, glider and dresser) on this one as there was in the girl one. 

Alright, here's where we were headed:

  1. Kelly green curtains. I'm a bit crazy about kelly green lately and I knew if we had a boy I'd want lots of green in the room. I had in mind to to make-over these Ikea Ritva curtains by dying them with Rit Dye to get the exact color I was looking for.
  2. Just as with the girl mood board, I had to include a cropped image of the actual wood trim in the room. Like I mentioned, there is a TON of trim in the room with two windows, a closet and the main door, so it's a pretty big factor in the design.
  3. Ikea dresser hack. I figured we could nab the 3-drawer Hemnes dresser from Ikea to serve as the changing table. 
  4. But of course, I couldn't just leave the dresser plain. I planned to use up left-over chalk paint from the card catalog to make it a nice, moody blue/grey color. 
  5. While out and about, I fell in love with these fox knobs from Anthro and figured they'd work perfect to finish off the dresser instead of using the basic knobs the dresser came with. 
  6. This is actually the best representation I could find of a linen drum light online that is similar to the one we currently had in our master bedroom. With a boy, I wanted to keep the lighting simple, and since we already had a drum light on hand, I figured I could move it over to the nursery (landing Mike and I's room a new light in the process - is that bad?) and I figured I would dress it up a bit with a bit of trim. 
  7. Colorful bunting that I planned to DIY from fabric or paper.
  8. Animal Print Shop prints - I fell in love with these adorable prints a few years ago and always kept them in the back of my mind for a nursery someday. They are so cute in person you'll just. want. to. die. 
  9. Little Castle glider. As I mentioned before, this is the actual one we went with.
  10. Whale pillow from Etsy (sorry, can't find the source again!). I figured I could try my hand at screen printing or sewing a silhouette to get the same look even though I had never done either of those things. But why the heck not, right?
  11. Moroccan leather pouf to serve as a foot rest in place of purchasing the foot rest that matched the glider. 
  12. Grey and white stripped rug from Crate and Barrel - we needed a bit of a print in the room, so I figured this would do the trick. 
  13. Babyletto Hudson crib. This is the crib we went with and I'm crazy about it. 
As with the girl mood board, none of these sources were final (more just to generate ideas) and after we found out we were having a boy, I never took time to update this board with the things we actually did - which in some ways I think that could have been helpful as I was working on projects and finding them less than desirable once they were complete (ahem, ribbon trimmed curtains...) but it all worked out in the end. 

Okay! Get excited for tomorrow! 


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