To-Do Lists

Yesterday was my first day off work and boy was it surreal. I kept feeling like I was playing hookey and didn't really know what to do with myself all day. I had built a massive to-do list - not things that really needed to be done - baby can come ANYTIME and we'd be ready (HEAR THAT BABY?) - but it's all stuff that'd be nice to get done before the babe's here. But as Mike would like me to admit, if they do not get done, we would definitely not be in a life or death situation. (Although it feels like it - regardless of what he makes me repeat back to him.) 

Since everybody keeps telling me that I won't know what hit me for a good six weeks after I get home from the hospital, I'd just like to get ahead on a few things, like having a clean house for one. Maybe some meals in the freezer. Oh and there are just a couple of cloth napkins I'd like to sew to use up fabric remnants.


I donno. I donno. I donno.

It's such an odd feeling, I could have three weeks, I could have three minutes. I don't know whether or not to zip through my to-do list asap or to take it easy, spacing out my tasks so I have a few each day to keep me busy for a good long while. I know all the moms and dads out there will tell me to enjoy my free time while I can, but somehow it feels like my time is the baby's already since I'm just waiting for one of the most massive events of my life to arrive without an accurate ETA.

My belly's pretty much a ticking time-bomb and I don't have the watch.

No me gusta.

Yesterday, I tried to find a balance of doing both things on my to-do list and things on my to-rest list. I tried napping but couldn't really sleep because I was thinking of how I could be taking my to-do list to a to-done list. While texting with one of my old co-workers, she told me to just put my nap on the to-do list so I could cross it off when I woke up.

Brilliance.  Multitasking is even better.

I logged a solid 20 minutes on the couch, woke up, deleted it from my Google Tasks list (I know you think I'm joking, but think again - it felt so good to hit that little trashcan) and promptly scrubbed my living and dining room baseboards.

So I guess I got two things done yesterday.

Now today is an errand day but you'd better believe that I have "nap" written on my to-do list once again. Fairly certain it'll be a daily to-do, but now that it's on my list I don't have to feel guilty about it.

I wonder if that excuse will work in when I'm not pregnant ....


  1. Keep - "write blog post" on your to-do list...I like these frequent check-in's!

  2. I love that you added "nap" to your to do list, Laura!

  3. I love whose idea it was. ;-)