Worth Sharing

Been hearing awesome things about the Perfect One-Dish Dinners cookbook and really, really want to try it out.

My friend Madison who blogs at Espresso and Cream made us this Blueberry Oat Biscuit Cobbler for dessert one night and it was divine. You all should go make it immediately.

Loved this post from the Sprouted Kitchen about why feeding people is worth the time and money. Makes me excited for when Eli's a bit older and we can begin entertaining again - because although it's totally awesome - people bringing food to you doesn't count.

Ever since we added the chalkboard to our porch, I've been having a blast decorating it, but sometimes I can't seem to get the same look as some of the other designs out there - this post on types of chalk from Jones Design Company was helpful in seeing the difference. Not sure if I'll purchase anything beyond regular old chalk, but it'd be fun to try different types sometime. 


  1. This kind of stuff always makes me wonder what will make us look back and gasp when it comes to feeding our babies and toddlers. Juice boxes often have as much sugar as soda!