Greatest Mother's Day Gift Ever

Last night Mike gave me the GREATEST belated Mother's Day gift ever. I slept in the guest room with ear plugs and Mike took care of Eli all night.


Most mornings, Mike wakes up and says, "Eli had a great night last night, didn't he? I think he slept through the night!"

Oh my. While he's correct in the fact that Eli "had a great night" - a great night equals Eli waking up two times, not six. When I proceed to tell Mike that Eli woke up twice and I took care of him, generously not waking Mike up in the process (Mike's a heavy sleeper if you can't tell), Mike will question if Eli "really did wake up" and if I'm "remembering correctly."

Those words make me want to breathe fire.

So I told Mike I'm going to start shaking him awake every time Eli and I are awake to make sure Mike knows that Eli did not in fact sleep through the night.

That shut him up pretty quick.

Anyway, I had been lamenting about how nice it would be to get a full night sleep, particularly coming off both Eli and I being sick last week, I was really in need of a solid chunk of uninterrupted sleep. So on date night last night, Mike offered to take all the feedings and let me sleep in the guest room as a belated Mother's Day gift.


I then suggested that very night would be the perfect night for such a gift.

His eyes then bugged out of his head and he began to backpedal.

I then told him he couldn't back out and since he didn't have to work the next day, it was the perfect night for it and if he didn't, I would go back to my original threat of waking him up every time Eli was up for at least the next two months.

He then agreed.

Mike and Eli, catching some z's. For the record, we choose not to co-sleep, but sometimes in the morning, when you just need an extra five minutes, snuggle time is the answer. Also, for the record, this photo makes my heart burst with happiness. 

I slept like a rock, only having to get up to pump once out of sheer necessity. Then this morning at 6:45 a.m. Mike wakes me up and tells me he has to go into work.

Whoops. Sorry honey. But I feel good, so isn't that great?

Mike also got me Taylor Swift tickets for Mother's Day. They came in the mail on the Friday before, addressed to him, but in an envelope that said "URGENT, OPEN IMMEDIATELY" in big red letters.

So I opened it.

I mean we're married. We share bank accounts.

Whoops again.

We later had a conversation about shipping gifts for me to a friend's house.

He also got me Fritos and Mountain Dew. Which I promptly ate and drank in about 10 minutes and comptely gained back all the weight I had lost since I delivered Eli.

Okay, so maybe not, but it felt like I was bursting out of my jeans and tee the rest of the day.


You know the feeling. Don't deny.

Okay, it's time for me to sign off. Be back Monday. Hopefully. Maybe Tuesday.

I have a hard time with commitment.


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