Worth Sharing

Have you heard of Photostream? Now that I have Eli I'm thinking of trying to test it out. Basically, it allows you to share a photo with a group of people, without having to send a mass text or blast all your social media profiles. Brilliant.

Love these 100 Rules of Dinner. Read them now.

Already I've found myself stressing over Eli's sleep schedule. Let's just put it this way: I WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET HIM TO SLEEP DURING THE HOURS OF 10 P.M. AND 7 A.M. Heck, I'll even take Midnight to 6 a.m. - but seriously, who am I kidding, really I'll take anytime when it's even semi-dark out. JUST GIVE ME SLEEP SON. I'm quite sure I was sent this link from no less than seven people on the same day about one mother's take on expert sleep advice. All I have to say to this article is AMEN.*

Did you read "The Unlikely Disciple"? If so, you might find this article, "Being Gay at Jerry Falwel's University" interesting. Even if you didn't read that book, I'll bet you'll still find it interesting.

Been hearing great things about this fast-drying top coat for nails. Has anyone ever tried it? I'm all about speeding up the drying-time on my nails, but I hate spending any money on a product that I'm not absolutely positive will work. I mean, that price is equal to a latte and a half ...

Speaking of nails, have you heard of Jamberry Nails? It's a sticker that you put on in lieu of polish ... if this works then I suppose I could skip that top coat. Please, pretty please somebody try out these products and report back!

Sorry, the two above comments were super selfish of me. I don't want to potentially waste my money, so I tell you to potentially waste yours. I take it back.

But you can still try out the products if you want to.

And then tell me how it was.

But only if you want to.

I would really like it if you did.

Okay I'm done.

*Apologies for all the capital letters. I know you're not supposed to use them because it sounds like you're yelling, but what if you actually are yelling? Then can you use them? Because I'm yelling up there. That's what I'm doing.


  1. I've used that top coat in the past - definitely dries faster than any other typical top coat I've used...but it's not as fast as the shellac - giving you nails that can hold up digging through a purse instantaneously.