Eli - Two Month Update

My little boy turned two months yesterday! It's been amazing to watch him grow and I can't believe how fast the time has gone. With him growing up so fast, it's hard to remember what all has happened and when, so for my own records, I thought I'd post a monthly update here on the blog with how Eli's doing and some of the highlights from the past month. Here goes:

Height: 22.5", 25th percentile
Weight:12 lbs., 8 oz., 75th percentile
Head: 15.75 in., 75th percentile
Naps: Usually sleeps about three hours in the morning, from 8-11 a.m. and cat naps throughout the afternoon.
Feeding: Both nursing and bottle feeding breast milk, eats four times a day and once at night with about 5.5 oz per feeding.
Clothing: 0-3 month 
Bedtime: 7 p.m. Sleeps about 12 hours each night.

I'm diligently continuing to breastfeed Eli - it's been such an experience it deserves a post all on its own. While I still nurse Eli, I also pump for a variety of reasons, so he is also bottle-fed. This month, a lot has changed in the way Eli eats. At the beginning of the month, Eli was eating every three hours, but I started noticing that I was often waking him to eat, so one day I just waited three and a half hours to feed him and he did great, so the next day I moved to four hours between feedings and it went incredibly smooth. He naturally began to eat more at each feeding (now up to about 5.5 oz. each feeding, sometimes more) and he now eats at 7 a.m., 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. It's a schedule that works well for us.

For nights, at the beginning of the month, he was still eating every three hours at night. When he was five weeks, we began loosely sleep training and he immediately began sleeping from 7 p.m. - Midnight. He would typically wake up twice a night to feed, once around Midnight and then again around 3 a.m., but just three days ago, he eliminated his second feeding! Hallelujah! He now only wakes up once per night, around 2 a.m. and we just feed him and put him right back down to sleep.

As I mentioned above, we loosely began sleep training at five weeks. I say "loosely" because we were not quite committed to one specific method yet, and I was a bit nervous that he was too young for it - although everything I had read said it was okay since he met all the requirements: 1) At least one month old, 2) At least nine pounds, and 3) Eats 24 oz. of milk a day. He definitely met all three and surpassed the second two, so I figured it was okay. Once we started "training" we began to establish a bedtime routine, although there were plenty of nights that we were out so we would put him down in his car seat with a noise machine and a blanket thrown over it for darkness. We're pretty lucky that Eli has the ability to sleep pretty much anywhere, but I'm not sure how much longer we'll be able to do it this way; it's getting harder and harder each time.

For naps, Eli sleeps about two and a half hours in the morning. He has about 1 - 1.5 hours of awake time after he wakes up, so he goes back down to sleep around 8 or 8:30 a.m. for a long nap until 11 a.m. In the afternoons, he struggles to take a solid nap - every time I try to put him down in his nursery, he wakes up every 10 - 20 minutes. It's weird. So lately, I've been letting him "rest" in his bouncer from 1 - 3 p.m. where he basically drifts in and out of consciousness. He doesn't cry each time he wakes, and I think it's because I'm right there beside him and he's not in the dark. I'd love to get him to take a solid afternoon nap because he tends to be fussy in the evenings (I know, I know, all babies are) but there's part of me that's convinced he's overtired by 6 p.m. because he hasn't slept for more than 20 minutes since 11 a.m. Often he'll want to sleep from 5 - 7 p.m., when 7 p.m. is his bedtime. We'll figure it out ...

It's been so fun to watch Eli change and grow this month. He started smiling around four weeks, but to be honest, it could have just been gas (you can never really be sure). At five weeks, I knew for sure he was responding to my antics and rewarding me with smiles. Now, he's figuring out his tongue and loves to stick it out and roll it around, he coos and squawks and makes all other sorts of noises which totally melt my heart every time. He loves to be kissed, especially his hands. I don't know why, but it always gets a huge grin out of him every time. He watches me walk in and out of the room, and he even calms down when he's crying and I come to him - pretty sure he's the only child in the world that I can get to calm down and be happy. (I tend to make all others cry.) Eli can almost totally hold his head up, although there are moments where he completely loses control and he gives me a massive head butt, but overall I'd say he's well on his way to mastering it.

I'm super excited for Eli's two month appointment next week, just to find out how much he's grown. Apparently he's a bit of a beast of a kid, but of course, as his mother, "I think he's perfect." But seriously, I do. His signature trait is definitely his hair, he didn't lose it like so many people predicted, and for that I'm super thankful. No, we don't style it into a fohawk, it just naturally does that and I completely love it.

Eli loves, loves, loves butt pats. No matter how worked up he is, if I turn him on his side facing me and pat his rear end, he always calms down. It's pretty much my go-to move any time he fusses. He also loves to be naked, so I make sure to reserve time each morning for him to get his fill of "nakey-time" without his diaper on. It's risky, but the smiles and sounds are totally worth it. Eli's other happy place is under the play yard, that kid will stay content under there for a solid 20 -30 minutes. It's amazing and buys me tons of time to get other stuff done. He kicks, bats, smiles and talks to the animals - it's like he's telling them story after story - seriously, Mr. Giraffe told me Eli talks his ear off. (Just like his momma, that's my boy!)

Eli's not a fan of tummy time, but that's probably my fault, I haven't been doing it as often as we probably should. He also gets overstimulated pretty easily, if we're at parties, or hanging with friends, sometimes I just have to excuse him for a good chill-sesh. Mike called him a "loner" one day, and while I wouldn't put that word on him (it sounds so negative and as his mother I must protect him!) I do think he might grow up to be a bit introverted, as he likes his alone time and always seems to be a bit happier if he's had time to just hang, rather than be held and interacted with alllllll day. 

New This Month:
We started cloth diapering at four weeks and I'm so glad we switched. I plan to write more on this topic later, so I'll reserve the detail for another post. But basically, I'm happy to report that all three of us are fans - the biggest fan might just be the one that was the biggest skeptic - yep, Mike's pretty happy about them. One of the best parts was that as soon as I started using cloth, Eli's diaper rash went away completely - he pretty much had a slight rash his first four weeks of life, even though we kept putting the creams on it. It's been nice to get rid of that red bum.

Also, at five weeks, we moved him into the nursery crib and out of the cradle that was by our bed. I was nervous to switch (but probably more so lazy), but I'm glad we did. It's been going really well, Mike and I both sleep better, and since Eli goes to bed at 7 p.m. it's nice not to have to worry about disturbing him. He adjusted easliy, I don't think he even noticed.

Eli also had his first couple of road trips this month. At six weeks we took him to my hometown. We had a quick weekend trip to meet some additional family and friends, then just two days after we got home, my niece was born, so we made a super speedy day trip down to meet her. Six hours in the car and Eli slept the entire way. My little champion.

Other Notes:
Weeks four and six were really difficult. It was weird, because weeks three, five, seven and eight were really good, easy weeks (relative to the other two). During week four he had a runny nose and cough so I took him to the doctor, just to make sure it wasn't something more. He checked out fine, except for having a really bad cold (that Mike and I also got too). During both weeks he seemed to be in pain, and would cry waaaay more than normal and he'd stiffen his legs and arch his back a lot. My pediatrician said it was probably gas and a growth spurt, and I'm sure she's right. Eli also began having way less BM's during those weeks, and she mentioned it was probably just his body adjusting to a new normal (In the past four weeks, he's gone from 12/day to 2-3/day). I'm writing this for no other reason than to remember for future children. I was just so confused and frustrated during those weeks, because I felt like someone had swapped Eli with a different baby and I didn't know what to do for him. Now I know - nothing except hold him and comfort him.

We also switched bottles at the end of week six and I think that made a difference. Originally I was just using the basic Medela bottles that came with my pump, but after doing a bit of research, I decided to try out the glass Dr. Brown's bottles that are supposedly meant to relieve gas and within about 32 hours, Eli was back to normal. Could have been a coincidence, but I'm not switching back to find out. Sure they're a pain to clean, but it's less pain than a fussy baby.

Momma/Daddy Update:
This month has been all about settling into routine and getting used to the new normal. The bleary-eyed first four weeks are behind us and it's been nice to come out of our cave. As I wrote about here, I left Eli with his grandma to babysit for the first time when he was four weeks, and it was really good for me. Mike and I both LOVE being parents, and pretty much spend all our time talking about how wonderful Eli is and how we have the coolest kid in the world. It shocks us how fascinating we find poop, pee and eating habits these days, and we're also blown away by how eager we are to be home each night at 7 p.m. so we can keep Eli's schedule. While we are trying to be flexible and not over anal parents, we have totally come to understand why parents are so firm about bedtimes, nap times and feedings. It feels like we're just getting to that point where if we put Eli to bed at 9 p.m. instead of his usual 7 p.m., he's totally off all night and to put it lightly - it seriously sucks.

Being a mom is pretty much one of the most fun things in the world. To be honest, I'm a bit shocked at how much I like it - but that's another post for another day. For now, I think this concludes our update!


  1. I agree...being a mom is about the most fun thing in the world. "The world" and our culture (and even some moms I've interacted with) sure make it sound horrible and scary. But it's about the most joyful thing ever! "What? I get to hang out with a little guy that I love all day? Bring it on!" (even the crying and pooping).

    Also, Eli is adorable and has rolls and there aren't many cuter things than baby rolls. TO DIE FOR.

    1. Totally right Em - BEST. JOB. IN. THE. WORLD.

  2. I loved reading this update! I'm saving this in my "motherhood" pinboard on Pinterest for one day in the future when I have a 2-month-old :) Also, Eli is so cute! I love his hair!