How I Convinced My Husband To Cloth Diaper Our Baby

When I first told Mike I was thinking of trying out cloth diapers with our baby, he started to laugh. He kept asking me "What? Why? What? Why? What? Why? What? Why?" and was just waiting for me to say, "SIKE! I just playin' witchu babe!"

Buuuuut, I didn't.

While I've answered the question as to why we CD in this post, it took me a while to convince Mike that CDing was the right decision for us. While he was all about saving money, he wasn't sure if this was an area that was "worth it."

For some reason, it always seems that the women-folk are the ones most open to CDing and are interested in trying it out, but the husbands seem to take a bit more convincing. I had a number of you ask me how I got Mike on board, so here's the low-down of how I convinced my husband to CD.
  1. As a stay-at-home mom, I agreed to do all the washing and stuffing of the cloth diapers. Little did he know that it's incredibly easy to do both these things. I wash diapers three to four times a week and it probably takes me about 20 minutes total each week to bring the diaper bag downstairs, dump into the machine, run a rinse cycle, run a full cycle (I have an old-school top loader that isn't smart enough to do them both in a row) and pull them out of the washer to dry on a drying rack. Over the past few weeks, I've gotten a lot faster at stuffing, and that probably takes me another 20 minutes each week. 
  2. Before he was allowed to say no, he had to talk with at least two other dads that CD to see how they like/disliked it. He said getting real testimonials from his buddies was probably the most helpful in convincing him that CDing wouldn't be "that bad."
  3. I brought up how much money it would save us about a billion times and talked about all the fun things he could do with that extra cash.
  4. Showed him CDing in real life. I'm convinced the reason why so many people are shocked that we CD is simply because they don't know anything about it or are carrying around sterotypes that are 100 years old. When a friend would be changing their baby around Mike and I, I would ask to see the (clean) CD to show Mike and have them explain what they were doing. As he saw friends CDing, it became less weird and more normal. 
  5. Talked up the other positives - less diaper rashes, more green, less chemicals, etc.
  6. I had him read a couple of blog posts, both from dads who CD (like this) as well as just general CDing blog posts. This helped him understand the ins and outs of CDing and familiarized him with the terminology - helping make the whole topic of CDs less foreign.
  7. I agreed to not be too strict with CDs. Based off how much we paid for our CD stash, I knew I needed to use the CDs for about 60 days to get our money's worth. Any use of the CDs above and beyond those 60 days was essentially money in the bank. Mike and I agreed that we didn't want to be crazy about always CDing. If someone was babysitting Eli, we would do disposables. If we were going on a trip, disposables. If Mike was tired in the middle of the night and didn't want to figure out the snaps, disposables. (Today, after actual experience with CDs, Mike agrees this fear was ill-founded. Snaps are not hard in the middle of the night once you get the hang of it.)
  8. Similar to the point above, we decided that we wouldn't start CDing until Eli was six weeks old. Mike and I were both nervous about just plain getting used to having a baby and all the newness that comes with one and we didn't want to start yet another new thing at the same time. We actually started CDing at four weeks and while there's a small learning curve (particularly for me, who did all the sizing, washing and stuffing), by about two weeks of CDing we both got the hang of it and were comfortable. 
  9. Showed him pictures of babies in cloth diapers - he admitted, they were much cuter than disposables. 
Mike and I talked about CDing for a few months before we actually pulled the trigger and ordered our stash. It took time to get him used to the idea, but he eventually agreed, particularly after I reminded him that if they didn't work for us after two months of trying them, I'd have no problems selling them and switching to disposables, so it was essentially a no-lose situation.

Today, two months into CDing on a regular basis, Mike's all about CDing and says that he "likes it - as much as one can like diapers."

So basically, what I heard was, "You were right, CDing is amazing. I'm so glad you convinced us to take the plunge. You're the best wife in the history of the universe, amazing, beautiful, wonderful, lovely and perfect. Thank you for marrying me and loving me, you complete me and make me a better man."


Best of luck in convincing your husbands. Let me know if you have any questions (for me or Mikey) and we'd be happy to answer them!


  1. Loved this post! I would love to hear how you chose the brand of diapers that you did... I am curious how each brand stacks up to others.