How to Cloth Diaper On-The-Go

Okay, last post on cloth diapering - I promise! A big question I had when I first started researching cloth diapers was how to do a diaper change on-the-go. Mike just made the assumption that we'd always use disposables if we left the house, but that means I'd be using disposables every day, and probably a few times a day - completely defeating the purpose of cloth diapering!

Since we use cloth wipes, it took me a bit to figure out a good system for us, but I think I've got it after a bit of trial and error - and it's super simple.

I use a spray bottle to store some of my Dr. Bronner's and water solution so that I can get a dry cloth wipe wet only when I need it - by spraying it during a diaper change.

For carrying around everything in the diaper bag, I just roll the cloth wipe up in the clean diaper, and throw it with the solution in a small wet bag. This way, I don't have to worry about the wipe getting moldy if I don't use it for a bit, and I like that everything is contained together. When I change Eli out of the house, I can just throw the dirty diaper and wipe in the wet bag and of course, keep the spray bottle loose in the diaper bag.

Sometimes I put two diapers in if we're going to be out longer. But that's about max-capacity for the small-sized wet bags.

While cloth diapers do take up a bit more room in the diaper bag, I've been surprise at how easy it is, so it's been worth it. If we're going to be out all day or overnight, I'll usually just switch to disposables since they take up less room.

But for just a few changes while out of the house, this system is perfect!


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