Why We Use Cloth Wipes (And My Solution "Recipe")

Mike had never changed a baby's diaper before Eli was born. I kept telling him to get some practice in on our nephews, but it was a firm, "No thank you honey. Not on your life. You will never get me to change a child's diaper other than for my own child. Now please drop the subject." I thought it would be a heckava lot easier for him if he mastered the diaper change before he had a baby depending on him, but he didn't care - he didn't want to change a diaper until he had to, because you see, Mike hates poop.

Like, HATES poop. I know we all hate poop and I don't think there's a sane person on this planet who would say they enjoy changing diapers but Mike hates poop more than anyone I know and he can't stand the thought of getting anywhere near it. I mean, he asked me if we could keep gloves in the changing table drawer so he could wear them while he changes a diaper.

Ummmm, no.

So instead of gloves, my husband uses an insane amount of wipes. Seriously, the dude's record for wipes used during one diaper change is eight. EIGHT! If the wipe had a bit of poop on it, he could not, would not, fold it and use it again. One wipe on the butt and it went into the trash.  I. Was. DYING. And those are using Huggies One and Dones! ONE AND DONES. Take a hint from the package honey, you're supposed to use ONE AND BE DONE - but instead, you just wasted $.50 in wipes on that diaper change.

About three days into Mike's diaper changing madness, I knew we had to make the switch to cloth wipes. I had considered it before baby, and this just sealed the deal. Now Mike can use 100 cloth wipes on one diaper change and I don't even bat an eye. Wipe to your little heart's content, honey.

If people's eyes don't bug out when I tell them that we cloth diaper, they usually do when I tell them we use cloth wipes. To a lot of people that seems REALLY extreme. But honestly, now that we do it - we actually find that its easier to use cloth wipes than disposable wipes because you don't have to separate the trash from the laundry. Just throw the wipe straight in the wet bag with the cloth diaper.

Plus, cloth wipes are thicker and bigger than disposable wipes, so one wipe actually does go further and you get more coverage out of it. Mike actually prefers using cloth over disposable, because it "keeps his hands further away from the poop."

See what I mean about hating poop?

So here's what we do.

We have a couple different cloth wipes - I took a pic of them for ya' below. I have some baby washcloths (on the left), some I made from old flannel blankets (not pictured - made them after I took this pic) and I have some "legit" cloth wipes, GroVia Cloth Wipes.

The GroVia wipes are pretty plush, and very soft - but also pretty unnecessary. They work just as well as the other two, so I'd say to skip them in the future.

I store the wipes in an old plastic storage container. To get them wet, I take a big glass of water and drop in a few "glugs" of Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap, then I dump the mixture on the wipes. There are a million different recipes out there, I've even heard of just using water. I like having a bit of soap because I think it helps the poop come off easier and I like using Dr. Bronner's because it's a super simple recipe to make. (A bottle of Dr. Bronner's is expensive, but a little goes a long way. I'm pretty sure this will last me a year or more.) 


After I dump on the mixture, I squeeze them a little with my hands to make sure they are all saturated.

We go through a batch like this about every three days. Sooner if Mike is home and helping to change diapers. On those days I could probably fill up a five gallon bucket full of wipes and still not have enough for him ...


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