Worth Sharing

Random photo - but couldn't resist sharing this photo from Eli's first boat ride and swim in a lake. Mike was one proud daddy as he introduced his son to "what true Minnesota life is" at only three months.

Couldn't even believe this story about a woman who woke up right before doctors were going to cut her open to donate her organs because they thought she was dead. Ummm, surprise? Apparently they ignored signs she was alive and get this - the doctors were only fined 6k for their "oversight."

I count my brothers as two of my best friends and this article on the gift of siblings hit home for me, particularly this excerpt: "My siblings have certainly seen me at my worst, and I’ve seen them at theirs. No one has bolted. It’s as if we signed some contract long ago, before we were even aware of what we were getting into, and over time gained the wisdom to see that we hadn’t been duped. We’d been graced: with a center of gravity; with an audience that never averts its gaze and doesn’t stint on applause. For each of us, a new home, a new relationship or a newborn was never quite real until the rest of us had been ushered in to the front row."

When we set out to name Eli, we didn't consult too many baby books. In fact, I don't think we looked at any besides Googling around a bit for a few baby naming websites. Eli was a name I had liked for a long time - like since freshman-year-high-school-long-time - and luckily Mike took to it pretty fast. We liked it for many reasons, but one of them was because most people had heard of the name, knew how to pronounce it, yet it was still pretty uncommon. Naming a baby is a terrible-awful amount of pressure and it seems like everyone's trying to come up with the most creative name (or spelling) they can think of to give their babe the edge - because heaven forbid someone's name be too "ordinary." It's a bit sad that we need them, but these rules for naming a baby are ones every parent should follow. (Click on it - it's funny.)

I used to believe in soul mates until a few years ago - about the time that Mike and I ended our first engagement. It was the most difficult decision of our lives, but it was the best decision we ever made. This gal wrote a fabulous post on why her husband isn't her soul mate, and I think I'm pretty much her twin. I made the list, wrote the letters (cried from equal parts laughter and embarrassment when Mike and I read them together), and dreamed about my hot pastor husband daily for at least five years. Thank you God for blowing me out of my stupid little fantasy and giving me a real man in Mike.

Our garden is finally taking off and we have kale coming out of our ears. Planning on making this, this and this, as well as a few batches of kale chips to make a dent in our harvest.

Speaking of food, I stumbled across a few new-to-me cooking blogs that inspire me to continue to be better at whole foods and seasonal cooking. Check 'em out: 1, 2, 3 and 4.


  1. Loved that article about her husband not being her soul mate! So good!