Worth Sharing

A pic for the memory books of Eli and his cousins - which has nothing to do with this post. 

Some of the tips in this article blew my mind, particularly the one on aluminum foil. The roll has fallen out about 10 billion times on me (a very inaccurate estimate), but never again will it get the best of me.

Mike and I eat cereal all the time as a snack, meal replacement, emotional band-aid, and boredom cure. Because of our compulsive eating of the stuff, I've been working on not purchasing cereal from the store anymore, but it also makes my traditional granola recipe get old - fast. Here's another recipe I'm excited to try.

Getting excited for the new movie "Exodus." The cast looks great, but I'm curious if it will be more "inspired by," rather than "based on," the book of the Bible. This one could be hit or miss folks.

I didn't see it, but my news feed was swimming with articles on Miley's performance / dance / Idon'tknowwhattocallit at the VMA's on Sunday night. I won't link to any articles here for fear of you needing to run out and grab a blowtorch to burn out your eyeballs, but did you see this graph on the Google Analytics comparing Google searches for Miley and Syria during the same time period? The world was on the verge of oh, I don't know - WAR - and all we care about is a Disney star gone wild.

The Oxford Dictionary released its new words for the quarter and it makes me regret that my first (who am I kidding, only) language is English. Words like "food baby," "squee" and - oh my word - "twerking" made the list. I'm fairly certain this list marks the beginning of the end for the English-speaking world and it's possible THE END TIMES ARE UPON US. At least I finally know how to spell fauxhawk - WHY didn't any of you tell me I was spelling it wrong??


  1. Love the photo of the cousins....is it in Minnesota or Iowa? Laura, I always enjoy reading your blog so much. This time, the comment about being on the verge of a war or Syria vs Cyrus really struck me as complete discernment. Entertainment seems to have become the top "god" of our times. Congratulations, if I haven't said so, on the wonderful gift of Eli! Julie H.

    1. It's in Minnesota on a short lake weekend getaway with family. Thanks for your kind words Julie!

  2. I agree. End times are near.