Worth Sharing

This short film (two-ish minutes), called I Forgot My Phone is kinda funny, but mostly sad. I literally experienced this exact phenomena the other day, it was all I could do to not bring this film up. In fact, I actually couldn't, so I did.

This article with 28 photos that prove dreams do come true made me tear up. Just add this photo as the 29th.

About six months ago, Mike and I would have been great candidates for a new rehab program designed for Candy Crush addicts in the U.K. It's designed for those that find themselves spending four to five hours a day playing Candy Crush and the game is "overriding personal relationships." Luckily we had a baby and were cured right quick, saving us from having to spend the minimum 5k on rehab. Although let's be real, that's about how much a baby costs too.

Don't really understand what's going on in Syria? I didn't either until I read this article. Read it and regurgitate it at your next get-together. You will shock and awe everyone around you with your international understanding.

While Eli sleeps through the night now, I still find myself wanting a nap way more frequently than I used to. Here's how to take the perfect nap.  I kept wondering why I would sleep for 30 minutes and still feel like I needed three cups of coffee. And on the days when I actually did nap and drink three cups of coffee, I would go completely C.R.A.Z.Y. At least that's what Mike called it. I like to think of it as "incredibly productive and adorably energetic."

Somewhere, deep down inside a little part of me died when I switched from the NIV to the ESV. I always believed the NIV was just a little more superior to all the other versions - not because I was taught that, but because I was dumb and immature and didn't understand bible translation. I'll be honest, I never really understood why churches were switching, until I read this article. A little like the Syria article I linked to above, it'll answer all your "dumb" questions.


  1. Oh man, you even warned me that you teared up at the dreams come true article. And I still did too. So sweet!