Worth Sharing

Apparently the Candy Crush rehab I linked to last week was a hoax. See the editor's note in the original article here.  Sorry guys. If you're addicted - THERE IS NO HOPE FOR YOU.

Bringing veggies in from the garden basically guarantees we'll have fruit flies in the kitchen at least once in the summer. I made this homemade trap to get rid of them and it worked like a charm.

I've really been enjoying John Piper's Solid Joy app for a little-pick-me encouragement in the middle of the day. It's like drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Except totally different.

This story about a dude that purchased a home with a paper clip was fascinating (And bonus, there's a moral to the story too.) Have you guys ever played that game where you start with a penny and trade up to see what you can get? I think I made it to a Band-Aid and then time was up. Obviously, I was really good at it.

I'm always looking for ways to use up my tomatoes besides just eating them by the fist-full. (I've gotta stop that, every time I do it I receive mouth full of canker sores.) This method for slow roasted tomatoes (I'm thinking they're similar, if not the same as sun-dried tomatoes?) looked like a good one to try. (Wow. That is a lot of parentheses in just one paragraph.)

The article on the Seven Sutherland Sisters sucked me in the other day. They had hair for daaayzzzzz. Thirty seven feet between them. Apparently they were America's first real celebrity models, all because of their hair. At first, I started wishing I had feet upon feet of hair like them, but then Eli grabbed my hair and yanked the living daylights out of it and I decided my hair was fine.


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