Eli - Six Month Update

Okay, so this post is exactly 11 days late, but in baby time, that's like three years late because SO MUCH changes in just 11 days, but the photos were actually taken only one day late, so that's good, right? I did my bestest to not include anything that's happened in the past week and a half, lest you begin to believe Eli is super baby (I mean, I actually think he is, but I am fully aware of parent-vision.) and is doing far more things than his six-month self actually was. That said, on to the update.

Naps: Two, 2-2.5 hour naps and one cat nap (about 30 minutes) in the evening before bed.
Feeding: Both nursing and bottle feeding breast milk. Eats four times a day, 7-9 oz at each feeding

Weight: 17 lbs. 16 oz., 75th percentile
Length: 26", 50th percentile
Clothing:  6-12 month
Bedtime: 8 p.m. Sleeps 12-13 hours consistently each night.

Breastfeeding is still an adventure, to say the least. We had a big win this month in that he's usually nursing three out of the four feedings each day. He's terribly distracted and sometimes it's a major test of my patience, but it's going a lot better. My supply has remained stable, and it's been wonderful to not have to pump and bottle feed as much!

CHAMPION. This month has been awesome for napping and nighttime sleep. Sometimes, he doesn't wake up until 9 or 10 a.m.; it's amazing and I definitely remember to be thankful every. single. day for it. He still takes three naps a day. Two biggies and a small one before bed. Often we're out and about during his evening one, and he's pretty good about missing it. The only real change in sleep is that he struggles to fall asleep in his car seat now. He used to be great if we put him in and threw a blanket over it, but now I think he realizes there are incredibly exciting things going on outside of the blanket and he wants to know about it. I'll often peer in to see if he has fallen asleep and he'll just stare at me with these huge puppy-dog eyes, willing me to take him out. It usually works.

Rolling for Eli is old hat by now. He rolls over about a minute after we put him on his stomach, so he never really gets tummy time any more, just tumble time - ie: Mike and I pushing him back to his stomach over and over again and watching him roll to his back. Surprisingly, he kinda seems to like our "game."  His new trick is sitting up. He can sit for about 10 minutes before he flops over like a rag doll. He seems to be getting stronger by the day and it's been fun to watch him play with toys while sitting up and looking at me. His hand-eye-coordination is super fast. I swear he has Spidey hands - he grabs everything faster than I can stop him and it goes straight to his mouth.


Eli seems to like everything these days. He loves playing peek-a-boo, getting zerberts, flying in the air, bouncing, looking at our reflections in the mirror, getting tickled under his ribs and on his thighs and all the things you think of when you think of trying to make a baby laugh. This is definitely the most fun stage for Mike and I right now. He also loves hanging in the ExerSaucer and bouncing around in the jumper. I put it by a window and he loves looking outside while pumping his legs.

He also loves eating. Let me tell you, he DOMINATES food. We started Baby Led Weaning this month because we couldn't hold him off any longer. If we're eating, he wants to eat too. When he sees food, he basically goes into beast-mode, breathing super heavy, waving his arms and pumping his legs until we give him something. We also got him a mini Camelbak water bottle. He loves mine and every time he sees it his little arms start to pump and the heavy breathing starts (if you can't tell, that's what he does every time he gets excited about something) but it was too tall for him to hold while sitting. Now that he has his own mini-size one, he can hold it and drink it all by himself. I'd say about half the water actually makes it down his throat, the other half ends up on his shirt.

Eli still doesn't love being in the car seat, but overall he's really good about it.

New This Month:
As I mentioned above, this is the first month we started food with Eli - at about five and a half months, right after he started sitting up. I skipped the cereal and baby foods, and we went straight to solids with Baby Led Weaning and I have to say so far, I love it. Sure it's one heckuva mess, but I don't mind and Eli loves to feed himself. His favorites so far seem to be Moroccan Chicken, plumbs - and he likes spicy foods - like super spicy - like at the tipity-top of Mike's spicy-tolerance. (I'm a wuss with spicy food, so we don't use me as a judge.)

We also took our first vacation as a family, and Eli had his first flu. Whomp, whomp. Glad that nasty is over. It was horrid. I can't even think about it any more.

Mommy/Daddy Update:

I know I sound like a broken record, but Eli just keeps getting more and more fun and Mike and I are always talking about what an amazing baby he is. We struck gold with this one, folks. These days, he's super flexible with his schedule, particularly with napping, and it's been nice to have more freedom with it - like staying out later than his typical bedtime or pushing him on his naps. Like any other parent in their right mind, we know not to make a habit of it, but overall Eli is great at going with the flow which makes our lives easier. We both agree that this month was our favorite yet - particularly with him starting solids - it makes mealtime way more fun. 

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  1. He is so cute...love him! We loved baby led weaning and I'm glad Eli is having a good experience with it!

  2. Oh my gosh I'm in love with your kid. Those eyes!