Flip That Baby

When Eli was fresh and his nights and days were still mixed up, someone told us about flipping your baby to "flip" their nights and days. Like physically flipping your baby. Just once, head over feet. I thought she was kidding, but I trusted and respected her as a fellow mother, and she was so confident in the concept we did it anyway - what could it hurt?

Of course you know I Googled it later, and I about died when I came across this incredibly serious article titled, "How To Flip Baby Over To Get Him To Sleep."  I mean, read it, it's hilarious. Or don't because it's honestly a total waste of time - but I just couldn't believe this was a real thing.

Anyway, I'm sure you're curious if it worked. I DON'T KNOW PEOPLE. When you're that new to parenthood, the days and nights just run together. You don't know your hand from your foot, let alone if it's day or night. One time, I went to pick up Eli because he was, of course, awake in the middle of the night. I could barely see anything and because I was so tired, my depth perception was super screwed up. I bent over to pick up Eli, went way too far and shoved my nose right into his mouth. He immediately stops crying and starts sucking on my nose like a lollipop. I was so shocked, I just froze for a couple seconds mentally trying to process what was happening. It took me a solid five seconds to even realize that warm, wet force on my nose was his MOUTH. 

Clearly, the child is not choosey about pacifiers. 

Way too much time later, I pulled myself together, took my nose out of his mouth and picked him up. He just looked at me, silently staring at me with these big, round, shiny eyes. I'm blinking as fast as I can trying to clear the blur out of my vision, but all I can see are those eyes, staring at me and telling me that they want to hang out for the next hour. Basically, he looked like this, but his eyes were much, much bigger. 
Three days old!

After that adventure, I flipped Eli about ten times in a row, not wanting to take any chances that I had flipped him incorrectly. And whaddya know, about a week or two later, Eli sort of started to get nights and days. I can't say flipping worked - I mean it could have been the fact that Mike and I were about as fun as watching paint dry in the middle of the night and Eli just got sick of it, but I don't really care. Something worked, and that's what matters.


  1. You are hilarious. Cayden still latches onto Addie's nose while she gives him kisses. Gets me every time.