Our First Vacation

Like any good Millennial couple, Mike and I love to travel. We've done quite a bit in our post-married life, and while we often use the word "vacation" as we're preparing for a trip, I'm not sure you can quite call it that because our traveling is anything but a vacation. We epitomize the adage, "We need a vacation from our vacation." We're the type of people that figure since we want to travel all over the world, we're probably going to only be in each destination once, so we'd better see as much as we can while we're there. We sightsee all waking hours of the day until one of us starts falling asleep over lunch at the Mayan ruins in Tikal or we're so exhausted that we both end up taking naps at the Roman Forum in Rome (sad, but true stories).

We also tend to be budget travelers - I'd say we're typically one step up from $30,000-in-debt-college-kids-that-have-to-eat-their-mom's-trail-mix-brought-over-from-America-for-a-week-straight-because-that's-all-they-can-afford. We're only one step up because I demand that I get a private bedroom and clean sheets. If Mike could have his druthers, he'd sleep overnight in the train station to save a few bucks - which he did do, pre-wife. I learned quickly that I also need to demand my own bathroom. Mike convinced me to share a bathroom with a family in Ljubljana, Slovenia once (We were using airbnb and I didn't vet his selection enough). That was weird. And gross. And awkward. And I didn't shower for three days because I was so uncomfortable, so it was also very dirty.

But I'm happy to report that we finally took a real vacation - hence my photos from the other day. And now I don't understand why we haven't done this before. VACATIONS ARE AMAZING PEOPLE. You lay around, there's no pressure, no stress, you just chill out and live in the BLISS. 'Round these parts, people like to go to Lake Superior, or "up North" for weekend getaways. Being from Iowa, I never knew this was a thing, so when I first heard people talking about going up North, I literally thought they must be going to Canada because if my outdoor thermometer is any indication, the Twin Cities must be like, what 15 minutes from the border?

No, no, more like five hours. But anyway, I had been before, but only in winter on a few group trips to go skiing on the Midwest's largest hill, Lutsen. (Which is actually pretty good skiing, and it feels like a legit mountain to any life-long Midwesterner.) I had never done the classic stops along the North Shore before, nor had I been there to see the "colors turn," so after we found out we were pregnant last summer, we put our plans to visit the East Coast on hold (tear) to instead take a more low-key vacay up North.

But tears be gone, because it was an awesome trip and I couldn't believe it was in our own backyard. Tomorrow I'll give you a play-by-play itinerary so you can do it too.


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