This Is How I Feel, III

When Mike and I are irritated at each other, but we don't want to fight in front of Eli.
When the Starbucks 1) has a drive through and 2) has no line:
When I thought Mike changed Eli's diaper, then realize he hasn't.
When I saw Eli roll over for the first time.
When teaching Mike how to stuff cloth diapers:
When Eli's fussy and I've finally given into the fact that I will get nothing done that day:
When Mike gets home late and I'm trying to rally my attitude. 
When I realize Eli has - yet again - grown out of his clothes in just two months:
When trying to interpret Eli's cries.
When I'm at Target and someone tells me what a beautiful little girl I have.


  1. hahaha! funny! i especially love the first one of the two girls "fighting"