Worth Sharing

I have a memory bin full of participation trophies that I received growing up as a kid. I like to believe I was an incredibly talented participant. An article in the NYT says kids shouldn't get participation trophies any more because it's only feeding the entitlement mentality that our generation is so well known for - at first, I was sad because what would kids like me ever have to show for their mediocrity? But I have to admit, after reading the article I quite agree.

I'm always interested in how the pros actually know how decorate a room and I've loved these cheat sheets from Honey and Fitz covering everything from how high a light should be hung to what size of rug you need for your space. It's the insider knowledge we've all been needing to finally make that room look juuuuuuuust right. Check 'em out here and here. 

Although this article is titled, "Fall Hairstyles for Mom," I'm fairly certain these 'dos would work on any woman whether or not they've pushed a kid out. I've never been big on spending much time on my hair, but I liked these ideas for some simple ways to get out of my usual rut of straightening or top knot.

This woman changed her baby's name when the baby was eight months old. EIGHT MONTHS. I don't think I'd have the guts to do it even if I wanted to. I can't even imagine trying to change Eli's name now at six months; it was hard enough to stop calling him my nephew's names when he was first born!

Like the rest of America, Mike and I are obsessed with Chipotle and would do pretty much anything for a burrito. Did you guys see their Scarecrow commercial? While it's nice they're trying to raise awareness for sustainable farming, it didn't necessarily make me want to eat at Chipotle, it made me want to go vegetarian - did you see how cute those cows and chickens were?

And if you're like me and questioned the authenticity of this ad from a national restaurant chain, this Funny or Die parody of it actually seems pretty on point.

Anyway, motive questioning aside, all that is really neither here nor there - what I REALLY wanted to share with you all was that if you download and beat their Scarecrow app game (three levels), you'll receive a buy one get one free coupon. It's pretty easy. I beat it during one nursing sesh.


  1. LOVING those design cheat sheets! They are already pinned on my decor board on Pinterest. So many good tips in there!