Worth Sharing

These magnified images of snowflakes will blow your mind. There really are no two alike - I was never sure if that was just a nice metaphor they teach you in 1st grade for individualism or not. Take a look, they're magnified on a frozen microscope at -224 Fahrenheit. Cray.

Check out the comparison of the American household in 1950 - 2011 on this infographic on Living with Less. I used to want a huge house. But then I stopped living with my mom and got one of my own and realized that I actually have to clean every. stinkin'. square. foot.

Around baby-blog land, the hot topics are the new products showcased at ABC Kids Expo in Vegas last week. Rookie Moms put together a list of which new products are worth the money. I have to admit, I'm jealous of the new Ergo that's coming out next year - Eli would LOVE to face out. On a side note, we have the Puj tub (which confuses me as to why it's listed as a new product) and we love it. Perfect for a house with absolutely no storage. We just hang it on the back of the bathroom door when not in use. 

One of the things that Mike and I share a love for is animals. When we were dating, this was a pretty big point on the "instant love connection" scale for us. He loved cows, I loved cows - he was definitely the man of my dreams. But over time, we've realized that our love for animals is a bit different. While we both claim to love ALL animals, I prefer animals you can keep as pets: horses, dogs, goats, anything like that. Mike prefers the wild animals, so much so that even when we see deer on the side of the road, he will literally turn the car around and go back to where we saw them so he can continue to watch all eleventy billion of them run across the road together and take pictures of them. I usually take a nap. Anyway, this list of photos from The National Geographic Photo Contest has no deer, but is absolutely jaw-dropping - it shows just how amazing animals are, and we spent a good 15 minutes oohing and ahing over them. Here's one to wet your whistle: