Eli - Seven Month Update

Naps: Two, 2-2.5 hour naps and one cat nap (about 30 minutes) in the evening before bed.
Feeding: Both nursing and bottle feeding breast milk. Eats four times a day, 7-9 oz at each feeding. Also eating solids, loosely following Baby Led Weaning.

Clothing:  9 month and 12 - 18 month
Bedtime: 8 p.m. Sleeps 12-13 hours consistently each night.

Nursing: For the most part, I've been able to continue to nurse Eli three out of the four feedings - but I feel like my supply is dwindling. Sometimes I need to feed Eli sooner than usual, which is fine, but I think it's because he's not quite getting enough from me. We'll see what happens. 

Baby Led Weaning: By far his favorite thing in the entire universe is eating people-food. The kid is crazy about food. I can no longer eat in front of him, or even have a bowl or cup around him - he will fuss and fuss until I either show him it's empty or give him some food. We had quite a few nights in a row where we were out at friend's places or restaurants, so we fed Eli with a spoon (still giving him what we ate, just trying to keep the mess to a minimum for others). Now I think he knows that he can get a whole lot more food in his mouth when mom and dad feed him, so he'll fuss for us to feed him off a spoon when we're actually home and doing BLW by the book. It has made it pretty challenging, because while he'll still feed himself, he definitely makes his preferences known - loudly. 

We don't feed him every day, he usually probably gets one meal a day, but if he's not around when we're eating (aka he's sleeping), I don't necessarily go out of my way to feed him. He doesn't need it at this age, I'm running with the mantra, "Food before one, just for fun!" It's cheesy, but it takes the pressure off. 

Not a lot of change here. Mike and I were just talking the other day about how we haven't had to go to Eli in the middle of the night for at least two months (not counting the night he had the flu and we co-slept). When I realized that, I felt like I should be more rested than I am - I have no excuse! Anyway, I'm trying to figure out when we'll drop the evening nap. There are some evenings we're out and about and he does miss it, but we usually have to put him to bed early at 7 or 7:30 p.m. When we're home and there's not a lot of activity to distract him, it's easier to just put him down for a short nap than make him power through. Other mommas, when did your kids drop their evening nap?

Eli has gotten so much stronger this month. He sits up easily and rarely topples over any more. He's just starting to bat and reach for things while he's sitting up, it's pretty awesome to set him in front of a pile of toys and watch him go for the ones he wants. No real signs of crawling yet, he seems to be pretty content to just sit up and watch everything going on around him with wide, wild eyes. It has been fun to watch him around other babies, he can finally "fight back" with some of the older kids that like to mess with him and now he's the one mauling the little newborns. So proud. 

He talks a ton, lots of "da, da, ma, ma," type-sounds. He's always babbling about something, just like his momma. Seriously, I have to fight the kid for airtime. He also discovered the whisper-voice, which is hilarious to watch him test it out and try to figure out why his voice is so quiet. He got a cold again this month, so the fake cough is back (he also did it when he was four months old) and he's really into smacking his tongue against the roof of his mouth. 

Most of his likes are the same as last month. He's just starting to understand "anticipation" and he loves it when someone's holding him and we chase after him. He LOVES peek-a-boo, at first he looks terrified when I reappear, but then he dissolves into giggles. It's priceless. We have - at minimum - three sessions of peek-a-boo per day. I usually end up crying I'm laughing so hard at him. We also play a game where I say "oooo" as loud as I can and then Eli will say it back. It sorta turns into a "who can say it loudest" game, which surprisingly, Eli wins every time (I mean, as Mike will tell you, I'm pretty loud). I know I'll probably regret this game in the future, but for now, I'm soaking it up for all it's worth. 

He's now mastered the jumper, he proudly jumps up and down, up and down, particularly when I jump with him shouting, "Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!" The other day a bunch of family members were over and we had Eli perform, to much applause and exclamation. Now I think he expects that every time, because each time after he has completed his routine, his eyes quickly pass over me as he looks around the room for people to cheer him on. No matter how loud I cheer and clap, I am not enough. What a diva. 

Dislikes - not being fed real food at one million miles an hour. 

New This Month:
He experienced his first Halloween and was by far the cutest Ewok that ever existed. He has also tried a ton of new foods, but I can't even keep track of them all. We haven't found anything he doesn't like yet which is awesome. 

Mommy/Daddy Update:
As I was thinking about what to put here, one word kept coming to mind: confidence. I feel like Mike and I are really hitting our stride together as parents. I can't remember the last time I was searching BabyCenter's forums for random mom opinions, or looking at KellyMom for answers on nursing. Mike's an old pro at changing diapers, evidenced by the fact that he now uses only three or four wipes for poo, rather than eight. There's so much less stress at this stage for us; we're just not questioning ourselves as often. I don't have to look up safe storage practices for breast milk and guess at what size diapers to buy all the time, and Mike doesn't look scared when I leave him alone with Eli. I found myself at a couple of baby showers recently that were asking mom's to share their advice, and I actually had some to share! That's not to say we know what we're doing or that we still don't have questions - there are just - well, a lot less of them and we're a lot more relaxed about everything. It feels like that first six-month learning curve is finally over and things are not changing quite as fast as they used to. I'll be honest, it's a nice place to be.

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