Eli's (Or, er... my) Favorite Books at Six Months

Eli and I have just started reading board books together. They say to read aloud to your babies right from the get-go to develop their speech and language, but I figured I talked aloud to Eli enough - from telling him what I was having for lunch to asking him if he liked my outfit - that I didn't really need to sit and read a book to a newborn. (On the outfit note, a smile means Eli-approved, although I have to say, sometimes I think he has odd taste because he likes everything.

Recently, I've started pulling out the board books as both toys for chewing on as well as to read together. We were blessed to be gifted with a huge amount of books (check out the book wall here) and I didn't have to buy a one-of-'em. Which is good, because all I read before I had a baby was Hunger Games and Harry Potter - and while those are vastly entertaining, they are probably not age-appropriate. While I suppose I can't really say Eli has "favorites" I have started to notice some that hold his attention longer than others. And let's be honest, I control pretty much everything in that kid's life so my favorites are his favorites.
Eli loves the pictures in this and the words have a nice rhythm to them. He loves looking at the bright colors, the only drawback is it's a little big, so it's hard for him to handle it on his own. 

I probably like this book more than Eli does, but I'm putting it in here anyway. I love the storyline and the message, it'll definitely be one I read to him as long as he'll let me.

Hilarious. This is a book I had never heard of before it was given to me, but I about die every time I read it. It's about a baby that grows up in the city, and particularly because I'm from small-town Iowa, I think it's pretty funny because it's exactly what you think of when you think of a city-kid. "Urban babies drink lattes." "Urban babies visit art museums." "Urban babies like fine cuisine." And on and on, you get the gist. I like it because it's entertaining for adults, and Eli loves the graphics, I particularly think he likes all the contrast with the black and white on the inside. 

Another classic that Eli seems to enjoy. It's a great size for him to play with on his own and the message is sweet too. It's very soothing and gentle sounding - I almost fall asleep every time I read it - in a good way.

I don't actually let Eli play with this one since it's not a board book, but it's already a family favorite. As I've mentioned before, we read it every night before Eli goes to bed. (My cover looks a bit different, because it came as a set with a CD.)

This book is particularly fun to read aloud because of the rhyming words and alliteration. The illustrations are intricate and beautiful and every time I read it I want to get up and river dance. Is that totally weird? Yes? Okay, well, I'm over it. 

Alright, you all have any to add?


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