This Is How I Feel, IV

If you're visiting from IHeart Organizing, welcome! I'm glad you're here! If you're looking to learn more about this space, check out this page, or if you're just looking for more information on Eli's nursery, more photos are here, and details and sources are all hereThanks for visiting! Now on to "This is how I feel..."

Every time I see Eli's hair:
When trying to give instructions about Eli's schedule to someone who's watching him:
When I finally get Eli down for a nap and I hear him fuss again:
When Eli gets the goofy-smile and stares and stares and stares at me:
When Eli's napping and I have a full two hours to go through LOFT's website during a 50 percent off sale:
When I get on the interstate at 8 a.m. and see all the rush hour traffic. 
When I forgo my mom-shoes and wear anything taller than a flat:
When Eli's crying in public and I pick him up and he stops:
When I'm staring at Eli in his crib at night and Mike says I need to go to bed:
When anyone tells me their child is completing a milestone my child hasn't:


  1. That was so funny!!...visiting from IHO, love those curtains in your baby's room.

  2. These are the BEST! Seriously - they make my whole day!

  3. I found your blog through I heart organizing and I love it already! I think it would be awesome if you did a "baby gear" post since you seem to be a practical & money-conscious mommy. Just a thought!

    1. Thanks Linzi, I'm glad you came over! I've actually had a few requests for a post like that, so one is actually in the work - look for it soon!