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I recently found out about the Baby Brezza Formula Pro - have you guys seen this? It's like a Keurig for formula! Everyone's touting it as a must-have for moms - call me crazy, but I would probably classify it as a nice-to have, rather than a must have.

On the topic of feeding babies, I recently requested Mike purchase me this Swarovski Crystal embellished breast pump as my belated push present and received an eye-roll in response to my request. What? I mean, I'm fairly certain my output would improve simply because from the sheer beauty of the bedazzled pump. Plus, the website guarantees that I'd be the talk of "mommy-town!" YES. Admit it, all you other momma's out there would be tots jealous of my blingaty-bling. JK JK JK. PLEASE, SOMEONE STOP THIS MADNESS.

I'm a pretty big fan of Craigslist - both buying and selling, and this list of keywords to find the best furniture is a great reference point when looking for unique items.

Mike and I are took our first plane flight with Eli last week, and this article on the "incredible shrinking plane seat" has never felt more true. I never thought a half inch could make such a difference, but when you're sharing that seat with a 20 lb. baby, you feel every centimeter.

Have you all heard of Pentatonix? If not, they're a sweet YouTube accapella group that does covers of popular songs. They're they type of group that makes you feel like if you could just sing well, all your problems would be gone. You know, like when your'e in the car and you're singing along pretending that it's your voice coming through the radio - not Adele's - and you just feel really good about yourself for those 3 min. and 30 seconds of her song. But then it ends and the daydreams over and your realize that in fact you are not Adele, you are a normal, non-super earthly being who's voice only belongs in a 10,000 member choir.

You all know what I'm talking about ... right?


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