New Mom Confessions, Volume 5

As I've mentioned before, I like dressing Eli like a little man, which means VERY tight pants when you cloth diaper, which also means Eli looks like C-3PO from Star Wars when he moves. So when Eli and I are home for the day, I change him into sweatpants so he'll be more comfortable - just like I used to do when I worked all day and would come home for the night. (Please tell me, do they INTENTIONALLY make dress pants uncomfortable?) Eli often looks like my Instagram picture below. Please notice the fancy argyle cardigan on top, and casual striped sweats on bottom. I like to think of it as "fashion forward." I mean, did you see his socks with lime green toe caps?
Baby Led Weaning means Eli feeds himself with his hands, which also means I'm often handing him a hunk of banana or a chunk of broccoli that fell on the floor with my hands. All too often I then turn to eat my own meal - with my hands. I've usually shoveled down three handfuls of fried rice before I catch myself.

When talking about Eli's sleep schedule, Mike and I often ask each other, "What time did Eli go down at?" Or when he wakes up in the middle of a nap talking we say, "Just give him a minute, he'll put himself back down." Lately, when Mike and I talk about hitting the hay I'll say, "What time should we go down?" Or even worse, I once said, "Let's go nigh-nigh." WHA?

On the topic of acting like a child, I have also begun referring to myself as "mommy" when I talk to myself. "Okay, what does mommy need to do next?" can often be heard while I'm cleaning the kitchen - when Eli is upstairs taking a nap - so I can't even play it off like I was talking to him. WHO AM I?


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