This Is How I Feel, V

When Eli can't nap, but he's not crying so I leave him in his crib, only to go up there 20 minutes later and find he can't sleep because he has a dirty diaper.
When gearing up to go anywhere by myself, sans my three mom-security blankets: the diaper bag, carseat and Eli.
When someone comes over unexpectedly to my house and I haven't showered or dressed yet - SUP.
When Mike asks me, "Is that what you're wearing tonight?"
When washing dishes.
When someone texts, calls, emails, smoke signals, or communicates with me in any way during the day when I'm at home with Eli.
When Mike asks if we should go out to eat when he gets off work.
Any time I see news coverage of Miley Cyrus.
When I see the UPS guy get ready to ring the doorbell right after I put Eli down for a nap and he hasn't settled deep into his REM cycle yet. 
And then he rings it.
When I'm grocery shopping and someone stops me to look at my "beautiful baby" and take 10 minutes to tell me all about how it goes too fast so I'd better enjoy it.
 When I'm looking for a babysitter.
  When I find a babysitter on the first try.
When Mike is holding Eli in the back at an event because he's noisy and I'm trying to tell him where to find the diaper bag.


  1. These literally make me pee my pants laughing!!! Keep them up!!!