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For those of you not living in the Twin Cities - you should come visit sometime. But be warned, you'll likely fall in love with it and then you'll probably  move here. Just maybe try to come in the summer. I recently stumbled across this city guide in the Wall Street Journal that I think is pretty accurate for some of the must-see highlights. There are others, but it's a good start.

Have you seen these pictures of the sleeping baby made into an illustration from a fairy tale? They're awesome. Mike and I just looked at them in awe. Partly because of the mom's talent, and partly because we can't believe her baby sleeps through her decorating him all crazy under bright lights.

This video about a father and son building with Legos is EXACTLY how I picture Mike and Eli in a few years. Now I just have to figure out a way for Eli's speech to develop with a British accent - which means I probably need to start speaking in a British accent. Oh dear. All hope is now lost.

I hear people use the word ironic incorrectly all the time, so much so that I'm terrified to use it in actual conversation for fear that I don't really know what it means either and will use it wrong. I mean, is it ironic, or is it just a coincidence? ThatsNotIronic.com will clear up all your troubles - read it and go forth using the word "ironic" with confidence.

I'm obsessed with the VSCO Cam App on my iPhone to edit photos. It's incredibly powerful, but also pretty simple once you get the hang of it. I'm not too crazy about the harsh filters on Instagram, so this is a nice alternative.

Found this article on Hip Dysplasia interesting. I never really understood why it occurred - a good read for all moms.

I already mentioned this on Instagram, but it's too awesome not to share on the bloggy. See those sweet coasters in that pic above? You might recognize them because you can purchase them at Anthropology for $32 for a set of four - they're made locally, right here in Minneapolis. Over the weekend, Mike, Eli, my parents, and I explored a few art studios around the city. When we walked into one of the tiniest, most unsuspecting ones, I saw boxes and boxes full of these coasters. The saleswoman saw me pointing to them because I recognized them, and told me to take as many as I wanted - they were all free! Apparently they are the "imperfect" ones, a little warped, or had blemishes on top, but you can hardly tell. I took about 20 ... what?  I just couldn't decide on a color! If you're local and want to nab some yourself, head on over to Dock 6 Pottery in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis.

I finally found the perfect jeans for the cloth diaper bubble butt - these knit-waist French terry pants from Gap look just like jeans, but fit like sweats. I nabbed them for half off over the weekend and bought the next two sizes up so Eli can wear them for a looong time. Finally Eli can stop looking like a hobo around the house with business on the top and party on the bottom - aka a button down shirt paired with sweatpants.

I think this 10 month-old's Christmas list must have been written by Eli.

Finally, you can now find me at www.OaklandAvenueBlog.com. Sweet, right? OaklandAvenue.com is owned by a real estate mogul in New York, dang it. So don't go there unless you're in the market for a mansion in the Hamptons. And if you are, please email me so we can be friends in real life.


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