Eli - Nine Month Update

Naps: Two, 2 hour naps and usually one cat nap (about 30 minutes) in the evening before bed.
Feeding: Bottle feeding formula 7-9 oz at each feeding. Also eating solids about twice a day - loosely following Baby Led Weaning.
Clothing: 12 - 18 month
Bedtime: 8 p.m., although this has been creeping up to 7 or 7:30 p.m. many nights when he doesn't get his evening nap.  Sleeps 12-13 hours consistently each night.

Nursing: Well, the milk train has stopped folks. I'll definitely write more about my experience with this later, but Christmas day Eli's present from me was his last time of nursing. The flu he landed a few weeks before had him eating much, much less for about seven days, and I got the flu right along with him, killing my supply in a one-two punch. Eli's now exclusively formula fed, four times a day. 

Baby Led Weaning: So fun. At the end of the month, Eli mastered the pincher grasp, which makes meal-time much less messy. He will pick up the tinyiest things to put in his mouth. He's also finally chewing most things now. For a while he was like an anaconda swallowing a deer - everything went down whole no matter how big it was. I've never seen someone eat as big of chunks of bananas as he did. He eats about twice a day, breakfast with me and dinner with Mike and I. It's a blast. 

Sleeping: This month was so-so for sleep, a lot of stuff happened between him being sick and us traveling for Christmas, so I can't say I'm surprised. While we traveled he slept pretty well, as long as he had his own room. At one point, we shared a room with him for about four nights and each night he woke up crying and wanted to play for about an hour at 5:30 a.m. Because we wanted to keep him quiet for others, we eventually took him down each morning to hang out. I just sat there like a zombie while he ooo'd and ahhh'd over the Christmas tree. He'd go down silently around 6:30 a.m. and wake around 8:30 a.m. It was a weird blip in the radar, but it's over. After Christmas was also an adjustment. He's been a bit fussy, really clingy, and struggling to nap more than 45 minutes. I actually think it's because he's popping a tooth after the well-check yesterday. The Dr. showed me his swollen gums, so I'm hoping they pop through and he gets back to normal once it hurts less. 

Everyone always asks if he's crawling and the answer is a big, fat, nope. Most of the month, he didn't even show any interest in getting from point A to point B, he was just content to sit around like a bobble-head doll looking at everything in sight. But over Christmas he got lots of time in with his cousins, and I swear it made him realize that he could actually move if he tried. Since then he's been rolling with a purpose, people. Mostly just in a circle or into a table or something and he HATES getting stuck, but he's got way more action going on than ever before. He also can stand when leaning on a table or chair for quite a while, but he can't pull himself up or move between them. He's just really good at beating on them with his hands. 

Of course, Eli's always talking a lot, babbling, squealing, laughing and clucking his tongue, and he's started to shake his arms in excitement and lift them when he wants me to pick him up (melt my heart) - oh, and we're starting to see the beginnings of the clap - accidental as it probably is. As I mentioned above, he's got the pincher grasp down, so he's really into picking at things in the carpet, or on my shirt or my nose. He also is really into lightly touching things with just his pointer finger - like my eyelashes. He loves touching them while he takes a bottle. Which is both generous and dangerous on my part. 

Eli's a pretty easygoing kid and he's super easy to keep happy. He loves playing with his toys, jumping in his exasaucer, jumping in his jumper, jumping on my lap, playing peek-a-boo in every shape and form, jumping, being tickled, jumping, running around the house on Mike's shoulders, wrestling and being thrown 10 feet in the air by Mike, and basically hanging out wherever the action is. Did I mention jumping? 

I feel like there have been a couple times this month where Eli knows he's being funny and so he keeps doing whatever he's doing to keep making us laugh. I could be wrong, but whatever it is, it's hilarious. 

He also loves to eat and fusses anytime I don't give him a bit of whatever I'm eating. He prefers drinking out of real glasses rather than his Camelbak (Although he loves water no matter how it comes to him.) and every time he pulls off he looks like the Joker because he slams his mouth on the rim so hard it leaves a red half circle around his mouth. He loves bath time and would stay in the tub forever I think. He's very into making sure he can hold all the floating toys at once in his arms - which is impossible - but it's fun to watch him try. His other favorite pastime is looking out the window. We do it every time he wakes up and it's like he sees our street for the first time when he looks out. He starts breathing really heavy and looking back and forth between me and the window with a huge grin on his face - as if he's asking me, "Are you seeing this?!?"

As far as dislikes, he has started to get a tiny bit clingy this month - I think partly due to all the action, and maybe because his gums are hurting him, but it's not too bad. He really just wants to be carried - he doesn't care by who - he just doesn't want to be stuck on the floor while all the action is on the countertop, or anywhere above him. And every once in a while, he'll fuss right when I set him down, and it'll take him a few minutes to get distracted with a toy or a piece of lint or whatever.

New This Month:
Lots of things! His first Christmas, first time opening a present (sort of), first time wearing a bow tie, first New Year's Eve - although he was a total lame-o and still went to bed at 8 p.m. - and of course he had his first visit to the E.R., first I.V., and first time on prescription medication. All in all I'd say it was quite a productive month for the little man. 

Mommy/Daddy Update: 
We're doing really well. It was super fun to celebrate Christmas with him and it just made everything more special having a little one around, even if he didn't really understand anything. When I asked Mike what he liked about this month, he said he likes how he can wrestle, run, and just generally be crazy with Eli - which is pretty much their entire relationship. Dad comes home and all bets are off for what will happen.

I'm starting to see Eli as my little side kick - he's starting to understand emotions like excitement, shock and surprise, it's fun to see him join in in celebration, even though he has no idea what's happening. It makes my day much more interesting to have someone to share all my crazy emotions with. Like when I freak out when a new package from Amazon arrives on the doorstep - it's now a two person celebration  in this house complete with fist pumps, tongue clicking, and of course, LOTS of jumping. 


  1. Precious little Eli, I can't wait to see him Monday!!