New Mom Confessions

  • I made a new magnetic chalkboard wall (some people got a sneak peek on Instagram) in our house thinking Eli would love drawing on it and sticking magnets to it when he gets a bit older. Then only after I had spent two days painting it, did I realize I put it on the wall above our stairs - probably not the safest for a child. #momfail #firsttimemom #arehashtagsevenallowedinblogposts?
  • I wiped Eli's poop with my hand yesterday. At first I thought I had just grabbed a really thin wipe, but no, the wipe had bunched up above my hand and I wasn't paying attention. The poop made a lot of direct contact. A LOT.
  • Admitting I was finally done with nursing was really hard for me - probably a lot harder than it should have been. I think I made Eli "attempt" nursing way longer than I should have, just because I didn't want to to give up hope my supply would return.
  • Lately, Eli's been so off schedule from teething, I keep forgetting to feed him. He'll be fussy and I won't know why, then it hits me that he is an hour overdue for his bottle. I no longer have a built in alarm in my chest telling me when I need to let a little pressure off. (If you've ever breastfed before, you know EXACTLY what I mean.)
  • On the first day Eli was sick, I thought he had the flu - because I also had the flu. We started showing "symptoms" at about the same time. Being sick at the same time as your child takes you to new levels for how you will serve and sacrifice for them - like even swallowing your own vomit so your kid finish throwing up. I honestly didn't even know it was possible for me to do that.
  • There are definitely some days with Baby Led Weaning that I cheat and just feed Eli with a spoon. Depending on what he's eating, it can be too messy for me and I'm too lazy to clean it all up.
  • I kicked myself for not taking Eli to the hospital sooner when he got sick. I screwed up two big things - giving him only milk and water - not milk and Pedialyte (kids need the sugar so their blood sugar doesn't drop) and not realizing that babies shouldn't vomit for more than eight hours. My kid vomited for 32. I had massive mom-guilt for a long time about this.
  • Over the past three months or so I've started to get a ton of break outs on my chin, neck and chest. It took me forever to figure out why, but I finally know the answer - those are the places Eli can reach when he's nursing or being bottle fed - his grubby little hands are messin' with my complexion.


  1. The other day we thought Fi had a huge scratch on her face when she came home from daycare. In the morning it was still just as bad. Then, around 10am, I got a text from the daycare provider saying the 'scratch' washed was strawberry yogurt. Apparently we both need to bathe our kids a little more often. :)

  2. Laura, I've had more poop on my hand than I can count! Ha! I'm a new follower and am excited to connect and get to know you better. Your family is so sweet. -Andrea (

    1. Haha - the glamorous life of a mom, huh? :) So glad you've started following - welcome!

  3. Hi Laura!

    Fellow RM Olivia here :) LOVE your blog! Spent all night reading it while Weston was up and down (and up and down and up and down) at 12:00, 2:00, 4:00...yeah...anyway, so excited to be part of the RM team with you! Can't wait to follow along on your adventures with Eli!
    xx Olivia

    1. Hi Olivia! Thanks for stopping by! I'm thrilled to be writing with you on RM! I feel your pain, last night Eli was up at least six times because he had some sort of virus, took me forever to get that fever down - lots of cuddles and hanging out in the nursery. And lots of coffee for you and I today!

  4. Thanks, Laura, for your honest transparency. It's a sign of a good mom!