Preparing For Baby: Best Maternity and Baby Deal Sites

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Now that I've spilled everything I would ever buy (well, did buy) as a new momma (here and here), the next step is figuring out how in the heck to get a good deal on some of these items. Because baby stuff is just like wedding stuff - retailers hear the word "baby" and jack up the price by 50 percent - knowing hormonal pregnant women will pay any price in the name safety, comfort or need of their child. Don't let the baby-marketing people take advantage of you (well, sometimes it's okay if it's really adorable). 

Here are my favorite maternity and baby deal or flash sites to get that Boppy cover or diaper bag you love at least half off. Bookmark or subscribe to these sites and sit back and watch the deals roll in. The nice thing about a baby taking nine months to bake is you've got plenty of time to wait on a product until you can get it at a steal. 

Now if you're not currently preparing for a new baby, this list is still for you - most of these sites are  great to check if you have kids up to about age five (and some sites even for older children). And of course, they always sell lots of things you could give as shower gifts to a new momma. 

  • Mamma Bargains - Great deals on baby items, but their tough to track. They post deals at all times of the day and it often sells out. Their schitck is they want you to check their site like 10 times a day. I check it a couple times a week, if that. But if you have time on your hands...
  • Baby Half Off - A deal a day at half off or more. 
  • Green Baby Bargains - Just what it sounds like: Eco-friendly bargains, once a day. 
  • Zulily - Tons of daily deals for moms, babies and kids. It's mostly a baby/kid site, but often they have everything from cookware to candles for a steal. I followed this even before I was pregnant. Definitely one of my favorites and probably the most popular.
  • babySTEALS - Another popular one behind Zulily, babySTEALS sells two products a day at up to 80 percent off until they sell out. You can sign up for email notifications from these guys and if you're deep in the throws of building up your baby supply stash, it might be worth the clog in your inbox. 
  • kidSTEALS - The same as babySTEALS, just for older kiddos.
  • CamelCamelCamel - Not exactly a flash sale site, this site is a price watcher for Amazon products. So say you're looking for a BOB stroller, just throw the link for the one you want into this site and have it "watch" the page for you. It'll send you an alert for when it's on major sale, so you don't have to keep checking the page. I still use this all the time for larger purchases that Mike and I are going to make that I'm not in a rush to get. 
  • Baby Bargains - This is actually a book that's published every year with tips on how to get bargains and what to purchase. I have a couple friends who swear by it, although I've never used it. 
  • Baby Cheap Skate - A blog that curates the many of the deals with baby, kid and maternity bargains. She also posts a few shopping tips and frugal parenting strategies.
  • Kid Crawl - This site compiles reviews of baby products from moms around the web, as well as shows you where you can get the best price on a particular product. They also have a classifieds where people can sell things they purchased from BabySTEALS or KidSTEALS that they decided they didn't want - either brand new or barely used. Be warned, the website is not super easy to navigate.
Another trick is to "Like" a lot of these site's Facebook pages. Often they'll post sneak peeks or hints as to what sales are coming up, so you can be ready before they sell out. 

Did I miss any? If so, please share some of your favorites in the comments below and I can add them to this list!

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  1. Hautelook also has some great maternity and baby bargains from time to time!

  2. We just found out we are expecting our first and I am already overwhelmed by all the products. And we still have 34ish weeks to figure it out. Needless to say, I am appreciating you and other blog mothers more and more by the day! Thanks for all the things you share with us!

    1. Congrats! And I'm so glad to hear these posts are helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions!