Preparing for Baby: Six Great Online Sources To Build Your Registry

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Besides my list, there are a ton of posts out there on what to register and buy for a new baby, so today I've compiled some of the lists from around the web I found helpful in creating mine. Remember, no one mom's opinion is always right, these are just suggestions - use these just to get the juices flowing for building your own list - don't feel like you have to listen to all of them or even any of them. These posts are really just meant to give you a good flyover of options and categories of what you might consider registering for or purchasing for your baby.

In fact, I started out with 10 different sources, but then started to feel like that was too many - because the point is to help you, not overwhelm you - so I narrowed it down to my top six. Look at all of them or just look at one of them - and take what you will.

  1. Rookie Moms: Shopping List: What to Register For and Buy - A great list for just the must-haves. They're realistic and honest about what you need and what you don't.
  2. Cup of Joe: Motherhood Mondays: What to Register for Your New Baby - A popular mommy blogger, Joanna Goddard breaks down everything she has and what she likes about it. Check out her other Motherhood Monday posts for more great information too.

  3. Hellobee: Ultimate Baby Registry - Start with the post linked here, but check out all the different posts listed at the bottom. Hellobee is a community blog, which means lots of moms write on it about their experiences and offer their recommendations on what to get for baby.

  4. Little Baby Garvin: Baby Registry Must Haves - A good list with the basics - if you have time check out her chalkboard art, so jealous of her skills.

  5. Alpha Mom: Our Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist - Nicely split up into "buy now" and "buy later" this is a solid list with lots of explanation and detail.

  6. Writing Chapter Three: Baby Must-Haves - Practical and down to Earth, this blogger splits up the must-haves by age, so be sure to look at all the posts!
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