Preparing For Baby: What to Wait On

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Alright mommas, yesterday I shared my ultimate baby registry list, (All personal opinion, mind you.) and admittedly it was pretty skinny - there are literally thousands more baby products you could still get. Beyond that list, there are some things that seem logical to get, but it's tough to know if you'll need them - or at least what kind you'll need - until the baby actually arrives. Here are some things I'd recommend waiting on until a few weeks or months after the baby shows their lovely face in the war zone delivery room.
  • Additional pacifiers, pacifiers clips and leashes - Babies can be a bit picky about which pacifier they like (I mean, have you seen how many options they sell?), and if you want to nurse, all the experts say that you'd be the worst-mom-in-the-history-of-the-world if you gave your baby a pacifier before six weeks old. True confessions - I gave one to Eli in a moment of sheer desperation at three weeks when he was screaming bloody murder for two hours straight. I felt guilty, but then it sorta worked and I never looked back. In the end, Eli didn't really take to a pacifier after about three months, so I never needed to invest in much. Just wait to see what your child prefers.
  • Bumbo - Definitely a nice-to-have, rather than a must have. Eli used this for about two months, so it's a good thing to borrow if you can.
  • Baby Brush/Comb - Using a brush or comb on Eli's hair is pretty much pointless. The most common question I get asked is how I style Eli's hair and the answer is, "I don't. " There is no product in there and I don't brush or comb his hair at all. I suppose some babies might need a comb, but likely you won't know until they come out if they've got a full head of tangly hair. When Eli's older, I just plan to use what I have on hand - I'm pretty sure the miniature-size of a brush is not going to affect its performance on a baby.
  • Slings/Baby Carriers - I did write this down as something that would be good to have on my "master list," but I'm putting it here because there are lots of lighter weight carriers to choose from and I didn't actually purchase my Sakura Bloom sling until after Eli was born and I was able to test it out with him in it. Although, I probably should have used a teddy bear or something for his safety. But he survived and I bought the sling. Unless you have a nephew or niece you can try out carriers on, it's kinda nice to wait until you have the baby to decide what you want. But I would say, it really doesn't matter for the two most popular brands - the Ergo and the Baby Bjorn, those are more "heavy duty" carriers, and typically meant for older children. (Unless you purchase an infant insert.) We have the Ergo and really like it, but from what I hear, it's a toss up with most moms between the two brands.
  • Exersaucer/Swing/Jumper/Large Plastic Item - Ahhh, all the lovely, colorful plastic that comes hand in hand with children! Aight, all these things are great - for about six months at best. I'm deep in the throes of these monstrosities being useful - but luckily, we've borrowed all the larger toys thus far, so they will soon be leaving my house. I'd definitely say borrow these items if you can, or just purchase one or two. We did end up buying a small jumper that hooks onto our moulding and Eli loves it. It stores neatly in a basket when not in use and it was definitely worth the $20.
  • Swaddling Blankets - There are at least eight trillion of these on the market, so I'm sure you'll have no problem choosing one. I've heard good and bad things about all the brands. We used the fleece one he came home in from the hospital for about the first month, then switched to the HALO sleep sack, but honestly after about three months, nothing really contained my Hulk-child. We dropped the swaddle at four months because it was such a pain. Instead of purchasing tons of brands to find one that worked, I bit the bullet and endured a couple sleepless nights to help him learn to sleep without it.
  • Additional Bottles - If you plan on bottle feeding, you'll need quite a few of these, but if you'd like to try nursing, wait on purchasing more than a starter set.
  • Second Car Seat Base - We registered and received this thinking we would use it all the time, but we never actually have - Mike and I always take the same car when we go places. We ended up giving our second base to Eli's grandma, so she can easily take him places when she babysits him. Looking back, I would have waited to purchase it to see if we needed it for our lifestyle.
  • Bottle Drying Rack - I put this on my main list, but thinking through it more, I probably would wait to purchase this until after baby, because you won't know if you truly need it until you give nursing a go. But, there are lots of uses for it, so if you have it, I'm sure it'll still come in handy.

What everyone else will buy you:
There are a few things that everyone loves to give whether or not it's on your registry and since I wasn't too picky about what I received, I chose not to register or purchase these items and just let others get what they wanted for me. I had to fill in a few gaps with clothing, but that's about it.

  • Clothing - Particularly when you know your baby's gender, people love buying clothes! Just make sure you have some newborn outfits, as well as 0-3 months for right when baby comes home. I thought they were the same (I mean, isn't 0 the same as newborn?!?) but in fact, they are not the same. Eli wore newborn clothing for about the first month of life - and my mom had to run out and buy him some onesies during our first week home because I didn't have any that size. 
  • Toys & Books - Eli's favorite toys are actually my kitchen whisk and measuring spoons. We really don't have many toys at all, I just hand him anything in the house that's not breakable, chokeable or sharp. We received a few different things at showers and they've kept him entertained thus far. If I had to mention a few of his favorites, he's loved his Sophie the Giraffe, Sassy Go-Go Bugs that hang from the carseat handle and Oballs.
  • Blankets - Like every other mom, I love the Adein and Anias swaddle blankets and there isn't a baby shower I've been to where the mom-to-be didn't receive these whether she registered for them or not. It's also nice to have a quilt or something a little more plush for baby to play on and a thicker stroller blanket for walks outside, like this minky blanket from Etsy.

Okay, how about you all? Anything you wish you would have waited on to purchase or have found to be pointless once you brought baby home?

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  1. Love your blog! I have a baby boy as well and agree with almost everything in this post!I feel like I can relate to a lot of your posts! I've just started blogging ( too about my projects and little guy. I love the idea of blogging as a great way to keep track of my family as it grows.

    1. Thanks Chanda! I'm glad you connected with what I wrote! Blogging is a great way to see how your family changes - I've been so amazed at how fast it goes! Glad you started a blog too, I'll have to check it out!