This Is How I Feel, VI

When I see another mom that looks super cute and put together.
When Mike tells me we forgot to pack Eli's formula and I want to blame him for not reminding me.

When someone tells me I made a cute baby.
When going to pick up Eli from nursery.
When I'm trying to creep into Eli's nursery to change the settings on his space heater while he's sleeping.
When nursing was still insanely painful and Mike would deliver Eli to me to nurse.

When I'm filling up a formula bottle and spill out $5 worth.
When Eli works super hard to reach some lame toy like the cap to his bottle, then once he finally has it he looks at me as if he's just found a pot of gold.
When Mike volunteers to check on Eli when he's fussing instead of napping, and he comes back telling me there was nothing he could do.
When we have a babysitter for the night.
When Mike asks me if I went to Ikea with Eli again.

When Mike tries to make Eli laugh when he's fussy and he's just making it worse.
When I haven't seen Eli after a day with a babysitter and someone else wants to hold him.
When leaving the house for the first time in three days. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, I'm dying! This is amazing. The IKEA [always a yes!] and the nursing and the ref with forgetting the formula. Perfect!