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After this study was released on Wi-Fi routers hindering plant growth, I stopped feeling so bad about my black thumb for indoor house plants. I also became terrified of my Wi-Fi router in the same moment. In the experiment, the students were trying to figure out what effect the microwave radiation of smartphones and wi-fi have on living organisms, and found that plants didn't grow when placed near a Wi-Fi router. I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty sure that's not a good thing.

I really liked the simple ideas in this post on how to make next year's Christmas even better than the one we just had. I wrote earlier about how I was getting overwhelmed by all the traditions and experiences I want to create for Eli, so I was paring down what we do. The steps outlined in the article seem like no-brainer ideas, but I think they'll really help me build on our traditions each year, helping me to remember what I want to focus on, and what to avoid.

One of the most popular resolutions in Christian circles has to be to read the Bible through in one year. If it's on your list, this article provides a long list of different ways to do just that.

Chocolate chip cookies are hands down my favorite cookie and one of my go-to easy desserts. This is my recipe, but this article on the science behind the chocolate chip cookie was fascinating, check it out so you can make them just how you like them. It definitely motivates me to actually follow the recipe to a T, rather than the "a little of this, a little of that," method. My momma always said, "Baking is a science, cooking is an art." Aka: save the "eyeball-measuring method" for cooking.

Still working on creating your New Year's resolutions? Here are 40 good suggestions. 

Man, the breastfeeding wars continue. Did you all see that picture of Gisele breastfeeding while getting her nails done and a blow out? (Still PG rated, don't worry.) Apparently she posted it to Instagram a couple weeks ago with a #multitasking hashtag and the bruhaha hasn't stopped since. If you missed the fuss, check this clip which covers the mommywars.  For the record, I multitasked while writing this post while eating breakfast, hanging with Eli and still in my p.j.'s. I'm sure Gisele would be soooo jealous.

I'm a little bit obsessed with TEDx talks lately and recently I watched this one about Logan Laplante, a 13 year old boy who was taken out of the public education system to be homeschooled - in this video, he talks about his experience and dare I say it - it makes me want to homeschool Eli. GAH. Did I seriously just type that?

We have yet to pay for a babysitter, but I'm dreading the day I do. This article on how much to pay the babysitter has been going bonkers all over my Facebook feed. While the closest thing I got to babysitting growing up was watching my stuffed animals sit in a circle, I had plenty of friends make some decent fun money from it. I'm curious, for those of you with babysitting experience, or those that use a babysitter on the reg, do you all agree or disagree with this article?

I recently came across this homemade solution for Pedialyte and I think it will be my new go-to next time Eli is sick. He doesn't seem to like the flavored stuff anyway, it's way cheaper, doesn't expire within 48 hours after opening (like, what?) and makes me feel a lot better about what I'm putting into his sick little body.

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  1. Great links:) My husband and I had a great discussion over the babysitter one...luckily we've been able to find a great family from our church to watch our daughter and they are $6-7/hour.