Eli - Ten Month Update

Naps: One one and a half hour nap in the morning and one two to three hour nap in the afternoon
Feeding: Bottle feeding formula 7-8 oz at each feeding. Also eating solids about twice a day - loosely following Baby Led Weaning.
Clothing: 12 - 18 month
Bedtime: 7 p.m. Sleeps 12 hours consistently each night - but did wake up quite a bit during the night the two weeks he was teething.

Eli's still taking the bottle four times a day, so not much has changed there. For Baby Led Weaning, I've been trying to be more intentional this month at making sure he gets at least two full meals a day, if not three. It's so fun hanging out with him while he eats - he's all about the grunting and waving his arms around  - so it's basically like I'm watching a show every time we eat. At the end of the month he mastered the word "more" in sign language, which means his hands are constantly signing "more" a million miles an hour these days. I feel bad that I can't reward him for signing because his mouth is so full of food every time he signs. 

Sleeping: As you all know, Eli popped four teeth this month, so sleep was C.R.A.Z.Y. I was looking back at last months update and I remembered he wasn't sleeping so well then either - but, it got even worse this month for about two weeks, napping for only about 30 minutes at a time, and waking a few times each night. A lot of times he wouldn't finish his bottles during the day, so that meant he woke up hungry and I needed to feed him. It wasn't a big deal because I could see just how swollen those gums were and knew he was in a lot of pain. I think most mommas have more patience when they know WHY baby is fussy and not sleeping well. Turned out he popped four teeth last week and literally as soon as they all popped through he went completely back to normal - thank heavens! In the process of the crazy sleeping stage, he also dropped the evening nap - he now takes a long nap in the afternoon, waking around 4:30 p.m. and goes to bed around 7 - 7:30 p.m. So I guess that was one good thing that came from the terrible teething weeks. 

Development: Oh man, where to begin? To cut to the chase, he's not crawling yet, but is soooo close! He rolls everywhere these days and super fast. We ended up installing the baby gate a few weeks ago, because he can roll from the living room rug to the stairs in less than a minute. He doesn't really get stuck any more, he rolls over toys, around chair legs, the kid is undeterred in getting where he wants. He's also rocking a lot so I think crawling is just around the corner. As I mentioned above, he's understanding sign language - well, just one sign, "more." I'm working with him on "drink," "all done," and "eat." I'm thinking he might know "all done," but you can never be sure with a child that likes to move his arms in the air 24/7. Mike and I swear he knows the word "clap" too - we'll just say "Eli, can you clap?" And almost every single time he starts to clap with this huge smile on his face. He's been waving for a few months now, but this month he just started getting more brave at waving to strangers.

Eli's really into feeling his new teeth. I constantly find him grinding his teeth and clenching them together. It looks almost painful but it must feel good or something - why else would he do it? He still loves his baths and splashing around - and he particularly loves watching the water run out of the faucet. 

He's turning into quite the mime, if we blow in his face he likes to try to blow back, although it's really just a "phhhfff" sound that he makes. He loves making the fishy face if we make it first. He's also really into sticking out his tongue. I'll stick out mine and ask him, "Where's yours?" And sure enough, he'll grin and stick his out - of course touching both my tongue and his tongue with his pointer finger.  He's really into being funny, when we laugh at him I swear he laughs more or tries to keep doing whatever it was that we thought was funny. It's awesome to watch him belly laugh and often Mike and I will be in tears watching him laugh and try to be goofy. 

Eli's still really into bouncing, but I think its endless joy has tapered off just a little. But he is still super into the pointer finger, it's ALWAYS out. I'm considering changing his nickname from "the fauxhawk" to "the pointer finger" - I know, I'm terribly creative. He loves touching anything and everything with his pointer fingers, and he can spend 20 minutes rolling around our rug while pointing at lint. Motivates me to vacuum - he's just so helpful at pointing out how dirty the house is - LITERALLY pointing.
New This Month:
The biggest new thing is definitely teeth - four of them! In other news, his uncle gave him his first sip of Coke when we were out with family at a restaurant. So far, he's only ever had milk or water, so the Coke came as quite the shock to him. Frankly, he acted like it was disgusting (I'm thinking it was the carbonation), so hopefully that will last for the long haul. Besides that, I don't think there's much new to report.

Mommy/Daddy Update: 
This month was a little more tough for me, just with him not sleeping well, it being so cold outside, and being pretty busy outside of "motherhood" as well. I'm still loving being home, but there were definitely days where I just wanted to get out of the house and get a little "me-time." With Eli being more clingy and not napping or sleeping at night well, it was tiring for me and there were a lot of days where I would just be counting down the minutes until Mike got home. There was one night were I literally handed Eli to Mike and I immediately left the house - telling Mike I was running errands and would be eating alone for supper. There were moments where this post on loneliness was very, very true. But I think the worst is over and every day that passes gets me one day closer to summer, which is always a good thing. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVED this month, but it was just a little more trying than other months.

For Mike, well, when I asked him, he told me it was hard to come up with something to say every month. Touche. But when I pressed him on how it's been going for him, he said it was easy, awesome and wonderful. Now don't get me wrong, I'm very happy that he's loving it, but let's all keep in mind: Mike doesn't wake up with Eli in the middle of the night. 


  1. Ah yes. Eric doesn't get up with the babe, either. He does offer, to his credit, but it is so much easier and faster if I do it. They have their fun guy time together, and I do most of the work ;) I get out to work every day, so it's a nice little break...the days can be long, especially with the teething! I totally getcha on that. I'm interested to know more about the BLW...what foods? What times of day? He's such a cutie!