New Mom Confessions

  • Eli fell off the bed the other day. Yep, he fell four feet onto a hardwood floor under my watch. I set him on the bed and went into the bathroom to grab my makeup bag (something I do every. single. day.) and in the .02 seconds I wasn't looking, I heard a huge thud, a moment of silence, then the loudest wail you've ever heard. I swear Eli thought I pushed him off the bed because he was not to happy to have me hold him, and it took a good 10 minutes for the final sniffles to wear off. Thankfully no major damage was done, except to my mommy-pride. Note to self: Floor ONLY from now on. 
  • On the topic of bumps and bruises, Eli loves being in the center of the action these days, so I carry him almost everywhere I go in the house - which also means I run his little body into the walls at least 17 times a day. I immediately laugh and say, "Whoops!" to stop him from crying when he looks at me with puppy-eyes. I can barely control my hips from running into walls and counters - how am I suppose to protect the little kola that now clings to them!?
  • Having a sick kid and needing to stay home with him because he's contagious is an odd feeling. I mean, you're totally fine, but you have to cancel all your plans and you can't go anywhere. It feels like you're playing hooky or doing something wrong.
  • Eli's a pretty light sleeper starting around the 6-7 a.m. hour. He'll stay asleep, unless he hears any decently loud noise. (I mean, in the middle of the night, I could scream his name next to the crib and he'd still stay asleep.) So when I wake up in the morning before him, I've learned how to get out of my bedroom and down the stairs without stepping on any creaky floorboards in our old house. I basically walk like a ninja, jumping and hopping around on the perfect spots until I'm safely in the living room. The things I do for an extra hour or two of alone-time in the morning...
  • I can't get over how adorable Eli is when I put him down to sleep. *Most days* he just rubs and rubs his eyes while I zip up his sleep sack and kiss him on the forehead. He always gives a huge sigh, starts to suck his thumb, then he rolls over to his side and I know he's done for. There's just something about a tired baby finally giving in that tugs at my heart.
  • I love, love, love Eli's exasaucer. I call it the "babysitter" but if I'm being honest with myself it really should be called the "ring of neglect." 


  1. Don't worry- you are not officially a parent until your kid gets hurt on your watch. Welcome to the club! And there is nothing better than an exasaucer. It is just helping build strong leg muscles.

  2. I'm pretty certain I've all three of mine fall off. After the first one, you stop being so hard on yourself for mistakes like that, as long as they're ok. :) And I love that you called it the ring of neglect - ha!

  3. Whew! Okay - glad to hear. But I do keep telling myself - he's okay, he's okay. No long-term damage was done .... at least I think. :)

  4. Agreed - Eli seems to have the STRONGEST legs. And I agree - I kinda do feel like I'm finally in some sort of secret club where kids get on a parent's watch. :)